Interview with Pip Edwards of PE Nations

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You’re a mother and business women, is staying active and having time to yourself something that you have to prioritise and how do stay sane in the continual hustle and bustle?
Being active keeps me sane! Even in the busiest weeks, having a workout session gives me balance and brings my head back into the game. At the end of the day training makes me feel good and when I feel good I’m way more productive.

Where is your happy place?
The beach! I live in Bondi and I spend a lot of time at the beach or at Icebergs Pool! The sun, beach and ocean are a very important part of my lifestyle.

What’s your morning routine necessary to get you ready to face the day?
My mornings are pretty hectic. I get up early then rush to get my son ready for school. Sometimes I train afterwards in the morning, depending on how early my meetings kick off. Once I get to work, I make a To Do List and charge my way through it. I feel accomplished when I physically check things off it!!!!

What was the biggest learning curve for you when taking the risk to branch out and do your own thing?
How much you need to be across every single facet of the business. My strength is obviously in the creative side but when it's your own business, you need to take the lead in logistics, sales, production, marketing and accounts. The biggest learning curve has been around structure and ensuring you have a sound backend to support your vision. This is paramount.

What is the one thing which impacted you the most in life?
My son. He is everything to me. He drives me and inspires me everyday. I have loved our journey of growing up together. And I love the beautiful little soul he has become. He challenges me daily, but he also supports and encourages me. I cannot and will not live without him.

What are staple items everyone must have in the closet?
Trainers, denim and a bomber.

3 tips you'd say to someone who wants to start their own business.
1. Really understand your creative vision and nail what your unique proposition is.
2. Know your customer inside out and back to front – understand everything about them, who what where and why?
3. Think big. Believe in yourself. Back yourself. Be passionate about your business and know that that kind of energy is infectious – everything is possible.
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Photograph 2: PE Nation lookbook
Photograph 3: Hom instructors Nat and Holly in PE Nation by Anna Turner

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