How to Balance Work and Play

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By Malvina Kang

I have to say I love working. This was not always the case, but the day I incorporated the thing I loved the most which was yoga, into running a yoga studio, was the day that this all changed for me forever. The boundaries between work and play became blurred; and each night, when I went to bed, I was excited for what the next day had in store for me.

A typical day for me when I first started Hom Yoga was different from a typical day for me now. At the start of the business, I had to do everything within the business. Because I had a smaller team, my days were more structured and defined. From being the receptionist, to being the yoga teacher, to managing the business aspects of the studio, I loved it all and took great pride and joy in all the details of the first Hom studio, in Raffles Place Singapore. The Raffles studio till today is the source of my inspiration for the entire Hom brand.

These days and with the delegation of my initial responsibilities to the charge of fabulous teachers and managers, I am freed up to concentrate on the expansion and growth of Hom Yoga. I’d wake in the morning to a yummy green smoothie, prepared by Robert, my beautiful partner. Then, I’d spend some time playing and bathing Munro, my 1-year old baby, before I sit down to look at emails and any correspondences. Usually, I’d spend an hour on emails and returning or making any calls. I take time in the mornings to consolidate what I have to do for the rest of the day.

The rest of the day is fluid and I usually work on the go, off my iPhone. No one day is the same for me. I could be mid travel, coming in and out of meetings, or simply sitting at my desk with the primary focus of a project at hand. I try to not clutter my days with too many meetings, so as to allow some air and sense of freedom around everything I do.

I love practising yoga, and it is what I gravitate toward doing when I need to clear my head or make some room within. If I can’t make it to class, I’ll do a mini practice at home. Sometimes 15 minutes, or sometimes an hour. Whatever I can fit in. Though, I absolutely love the energy of a group yoga class at Hom. Hom is the only place I go to for my practice whilst in Sydney or Singapore.

My personal need for the Hom environment was the primary inspiration for the brand. I imagined a beautiful and fresh environment in an inspired setting. Simply the best that contemporary yoga can offer. Hom was created from that need within and today, Hom continues to expand and offer the greatest yoga can bring to everyone. Hom’s growth globally is driven by this deep inspiration.

On busier days, I incorporate walking as a form of exercise. I’d strap Munro into his baby carrier and incorporate him into my walks. Doubling up mummy bonding time, with carrying a 11kg baby at the same time really works hard on both my legs and heart.

Earlier on in my life, I would beat myself up if I haven’t done my daily exercise; but now, I’m more relaxed and confident with my exercise routine. I follow what my body needs. If a day off is necessary, I take it. If I need yoga, I practise. If I want something more cardiovascular, I run or swim.

Growing up in multiple cities, Victoria, British Columbia to Los Angeles, California to Singapore and presently, living in Sydney, Australia, has given me the opportunity to experience many cultures and meet people from all walks of life, allowing me to deepen my understanding of myself and how I live in the world. As a result, I have been able to apply this knowledge and understanding in my life and business.

Whenever I travel, I always arrive home brimming with ideas and full of inspiration. In any business decisions, I find myself asking the questions, “Does this feel good? Is this the most empowering thing? Is this the greatest place to come from?” Over the years, I have more and more relied on my deep instincts to guide me to the best place to be.

I have made the conscious decision to live everyday to the fullest and to search deeply for the thing I like to do the most and to do it in the best possible way. Doing that, the divide between work and play becomes non-existent; full of endless possibilities, and filled with everything I can possibly wish for.

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