9 Ways to Nurture our Skin

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By Justine Bisada

Our skin is exposed to tons of pollutants and stress on a daily basis, but taking care of it doesn’t necessarily mean to invest in bank-breaking skincare products. Here is a nine-step mantra!


Replenishing our organs and cells with water is an important way to flush out excess toxins in the body. You’ve probably heard this many times over, and it is true – having two litres of water a day can really make a difference in how our metabolism functions. Lack of water can cause a hold-up in how our bowels flow, which then internally causes havoc such as skin congestion.

Rest and revive

Sleep is another key element in having well-rested glowing skin! The bright lights of our laptops and smart phones can disrupt our sleep patterns when we use them too late into the evening. Try keeping use of technology to a minimum before bedtime and wind down with a good cup of herbal tea instead.


Stress is another factor that wears down skin, so make time to do what makes you feel calm, be it spending 10 minutes to meditate and clear your mind before your day begins, sitting in the sun for 10 to 15 minutes to soak up some vitamin D, or making time to take a walk in nature.

Physical activities

Exercise! It doesn’t have to be a gruelling workout, just as long you work up a sweat! Getting the blood flowing prevents stagnation, while perspiring helps the skin breathe. If this sounds like a chore, involve your friends and make sports a fun bonding activity.

Exfoliate and moisturise

Scrubbing your skin by dry body brushing or by mixing some salt and coffee with your favorite essential oils can rid of dead skin cells, helping in new cell turnover. Following this up with a good rich body cream to lock in moisture!


Food is a massive part of how healthy and glowing our skin looks. Our skin is the largest organ of elimination, and consuming too many chemically filled foods can place the body under lots of pressure. Our body will then eliminate all the toxins via the skin, resulting in black and white heads and even cystic acne. The simple solution? Eat more whole foods.

Mindful eating

As an extension of nourishing your body through food, mindfulness is one of the ways in how our body responds to nutrients. Eliminate the factor of poor food choices by chewing slowly and taking the time out to focus on what you are eating, and why.

Positive thoughts

Humans can be their own worst critics. We more often than not always have something negative to pick out from ourselves, which only impacts more stress. Positive thinking is not that hard to accomplish, thankfully. How about complimenting yourself daily? Smiling also goes a long way to lifting moods!

Simplicity is key

We don’t need to use a thousand products to care for our skin. When in doubt, always revert back to nature. Coconut oil is a great way to moisturise your body and hair, and honey works great as a facial mask. Wholesome foods can’t do harm. Just keep it simple!

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