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Our River Valley space is inspired by three strong intentions. First, to create a healing and transformative space for our community of students and teachers, offering a diverse and inclusive array of yoga styles, with its high quality teachings rooted in the principles of transformation and empowerment.

Second, to expand on the intention and space that we have created for our mothers, and babies, where our prenatal, postnatal, mums & bubs expands to daily classes taught by teachers who are consciously passionate about making a difference in bringing back the female form as a powerful energy of empowerment and growth for all.

Also, to expand on this sacred space for our little yogis and yoginis where they can flourish and grow in their own unique and special way, as they are freed to tap into their own inner strength and power to be forceful beings of change in the world. Our Mini Glow Yoga Club classes have now expanded to daily classes for children, with a holistic and mindful curriculum taught by highly experienced teachers.

Lastly, to enfold the entire space in the ethos of sustainability. From the non-toxic paints, to the FSC-certified wood, we create a healthy interior space with low environmental impact for you to practise in.

Our River Valley studio offers two yoga rooms with ample natural light and space for you to move and practice in. Each yoga room is fully equipped with a fresh air system, which pulls in fresh air from outside - ensuring the room is well-ventilated for practice.

We use FIR heating, which is the healthiest choice for your body and for the environment. This form of heat therapy is the frequency of invisible light that is generated naturally by the sun and benefits the body by helping your body remove toxins through sweat.

We provide latex free, non-toxic Manduka mats, which uses closed cell technology, which means they are hygienic and will not absorb sweat.

Other amenities include a spacious male and female changing facilities and showers, where we provide all natural body and hair products, which uses coconut oil as a base and essential oils as a natural scent.

Our retail is carefully curated to offer you a selection of products which are non-toxic, sustainable and eco-friendly. We work with local and global partners to bring you a conscious selection of yoga and lifestyle products - from Jade Yoga mats, to Shamanic cleansing sage sticks, to organic cotton sheets, and many more.

We care about your health and wellbeing, and are committed to the following initiatives:

  • Eco-friendly limestone flooring tiles
  • Non-toxic VOC free paints from Gush
  • FSC-certified wood flooring
  • Timber sourced from 100% sustainable plantation forest
  • Energy efficient FIR heating
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Access to fresh, fluoride-free drinking water
  • Organic cotton straps and bolsters
  • Renewable cork yoga blocks
  • Pure, all-natural hair and body products
  • Renewable, unbleached bamboo bathroom paper
  • Natural, organic cleaning products for laundering towels and cleaning studio
  • 100% pure eucalyptus and tea tree oil for cleaning yoga mats
  • Natural cotton linen fabrics for all furnishings
  • Handcrafted furniture sustainably made by local artisans around South East Asia

We designed the studio, based on the mindful reflection on how we like our environment to reflect how we want to feel inside - complete, clean, uncluttered, open, pure, and healthy.

This is the perfect environment for you to learn, explore and shift your consciousness towards transformation of your mind, body and spirit.

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