Astrology: The Ancient Technique of Psychological Profiling

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Profiling is defined as "the act or process of extrapolating information about a person based on known traits or tendencies”. Astrology extrapolates this information using the position of the major celestial bodies within our solar system at the time of birth of an individual. In fact, astrology is similar to any other science in that it uses discrete variables within set parameters but allows for more fluid interpretation within those parameters.

Evidence exists that astrology was practiced from ancient times, as early as 19th– 17th BCE. For many Eastern cultures, astrology is still the foundation for family and social activities, thus exerting a tremendous influence on the formation and evolution of communities and cultures. For a study that is now dismissed as “pseudoscience”, it seems to have held sway over the human imagination for a very long time and still does. 

All sentient beings are a result of nature and nurture. Astrology can be useful in providing an individual with information about their innate behavioral patterns, their proclivities and inclinations, their talents and desires. Often, a birth chart analysis can help individuals make sense and understand the complex and often troubled familial relationships that may be plaguing them, or creating a lingering sense of dislocation or alienation within their immediate environment. This is not intended to absolve one of personal responsibility but can provide the necessary empowerment that may be the key to self improvement. Viewed from that standpoint, astrology has paid tribute to the individual long before modern society did.

Any form of behavioral science can only make approximations about what can be considered typical behavior. Astrology is no different; based on observation and experiential knowledge, the classifications and general interpretations are intended to be used as guidelines, to be fine tuned to a specific chart.  Yet, free will is a factor that is ever present. Just as every acorn is a potential oak tree, your natal chart is not the sum total of who you are; it only represents the potential you have been gifted with at birth. How can the knowledge of your hidden potential be ineffective? At best, it spurs you on to greater heights and allows you to take precautions where forewarned. At worst, you realize you are more than the sum total of astrological symbols and indicators, and forge your own path. Consider that both natal and transit charts offer projections, not predictions, data you can utilize to maximize your choices.

The only certainty in life is death; all else is approximations and guesses. Why not add to your arsenal of awareness?

By Ambika Menon

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