Being Fearless in 2017

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When I was 5, I decided one day that I was tired of my long black hair and wanted a bob with bangs. On an impulse, I went into my mother’s vanity, and drew out a sharp blade of scissors and started chopping. Till today, I have never forgotten that spur of the moment decision and how empowered and free I felt in that moment of cutting all my hair off. My mother came into the room, and there I was with piles of black hair all around me and a large grin of my face. She freaked, and I got into a lot of trouble after.

Over the years, as I grew older and into my teenage years, that sense of overt courage diminished as logic and rational thinking became part of my thought process. Growing up in the Singaporean school system of rigidity and endless boundaries, drove that sense of fear into me. Anxiety became the new norm and that childlike sense of freedom slowly disappeared.

What happened to that fearless little girl? As I enter the new year, I ponder the word fearlessness. To me, being fearless is the ability to see life as it is and do what is needed. To not be afraid of the unknown and to have the courage to let go of old ways of thinking or being; to be open to change and to allow the personal transformation to occur organically along the way.

Some practical ways which have helped me to live a fearless life:
  1. Stop looking behind and mulling over past experiences and/or mistakes. 
  2. Be here now, in this moment in time and find joy in the present, no matter the circumstances.
  3. Allow the possibilities to manifest, and take action. Stop thinking, and start doing.
  4. Have faith that no matter what happens, everything will be okay.
  5. Always go to love.
As we enter this new year, I invite everyone to join in on my personal mission of being fearless. Let’s take on 2017 with a big heart, open to whatever possibilities, change and transformation that come our way.

By Malvina Kang

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