DIY Aromatherapy Yoga Mat Spray

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If you are a regular practitioner to the mat, either at home or often visitor to yoga studio, you might want to have a bottle of refreshing spray by your side. I travel around with this little bottle with me wherever I go, apart for my yoga mat, I used it as my body/ air refresher, mind calmer, and sometimes it works like an insect repellent too.

Here is what you need for your bottle

  1. 60ml Spray bottle - Either dark colour of clear bottle
  2. 60ml Distilled Water
  3. 1ml Emulsifier / Witch Hazel
  4. Measuring Cup
  5. Glass or Metal Stirrer
  6. Eyedropper
  7. 20 drops Essential Oil Mix

For Essential Oil, it’s better to use organic product, you want your mix to be pure and safe to use. This will be my recipe for the Essential Oil Mix:

  1. 10 drops SPEARMINT / PEPPERMINT This oil works as Antiseptic, Antibacterial, it helps Indigestion, gas releasing, nausea, and the best thing is it has a really refreshing smell.
  2. 3 drops PATCHOUL This strong earthy scent oil carry the properties of astringent, Cell regeneration, Anti-inflammatory, it’s just perfect to use for regular athletes, for skin problems as well as constipation.
  3. 7 drops of ORANGE / LEMON The properties of Antidepressant, Antifungal, Sedative will calm you down and leave you a very happy feeling after inhaling.

You can be creative to mix about any type of essential oil, but remember not mixing more than 3 blends in your mix, and if you have a smaller bottle, reduce the droplet too, as this formula is based on the correct calculation of blend.

Note: For some people, Peppermint might leave a burning sensation on the skin, if that’s happening to you, don’t spray directly to your skin. You may also have to option to add unflavored vodka, but again if you are using it as a body spray then don’t take this option.

By Diana Lim

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