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People should be eating less and weight gain is just the tip of the iceberg. Packing in the pounds has ramifications far beyond the loss of your favourite pair of jeans. Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol, and blood pressure, are just a few of the problems associated with excessive fat. Leaner living is longer living – that has been observed for a long time and now new research suggest that eating less can actually slow down the process of aging at a cellular level. And if ageing can be delayed, so too can many of the diseases associated with it. But even with this in mind we still overeat.
Since the beginning of time our bloated bellies have been the sole means of deciding when we’ve had our fair share of carbs and calories. People are not good at remembering what they eat. Most don’t bother to and those that make the conscious effort end up failing to compensate for it. Our mental strength and vigilance have failed miserably in the battle to combat gluttony. Willpower and discipline just don’t cut it anymore.
Over the past several decades, our food intake has exploded through the roof. Your average portion of cakes, pies and pretty much everything has doubled in size. Today’s side plates were yesterday’s dinner plates, with the diameters increasing every few years. This form of “unit bias” has persuaded us to feel that a portion of something has to be a certain size, no matter how absurd it may seem. Coupled with the fact that society tends to aggrandize abundance and link happiness to indulgence, those of us on the healthy path have a steep road ahead of us. 
To make things worse, the food industry has beaten you time and time again – and you don’t even know it. By selling smaller portions at higher prices, we are more inclined to get our money’s worth with the bigger candy bar. It is human nature to eat when presented with food and polite to eat more when presented with more food. Especially with the rise of technology, food can now simply appear in front of us at the click of a button.
Despite all these obstacles ahead of us, there’s definitely still hope! Here are a few easy tips for you to cut down on eating more than you should.
  1. Reduce the size of the plates you use; you will take less food and will make you think twice about getting seconds. Remove the guilt of having to finish all the food you’ve overstocked on your plate.
  1. Having 3 meals a day is society’s creation and one of our biggest human flaws. Rather than stuffing yourself silly during these moments, spread your eating out into 4-5 sittings. Eat when you’re hungry and not because you are “supposed to.” This is especially important when it comes to avoiding those heavy dinners before bedtime. 
  1. You’ll like this one: Sleep. Getting a good night’s rest reduces hunger and protects against weight gain. Believe it or not, calories burned during sleep are used to sustain vital functions in the body. If you want to curb those cravings, make sure you get your quality sleep.

  2. Lastly, nothing works better than mind over matter. Practice mindfulness when choosing your next meal or snack and look for the healthier alternatives. Make a conscious effort to plan your meals. Train your mind to say no to junk and know that it is possible to improve your health sustainably through your food intake. After all, you are what you eat!
By Anthony from Gorilla Press

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