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When I quit my job to bake full time, my parents were worried. Why won't I simply stay in my job and be contented with living my life comfortably?

A couple of months back, I got asked that favourite question of our century: If you had all the money in the world, what would you do?

I think I used to reply things like, “Travel the world” or shrug, “I don’t really know, actually.”

This time round, I thought for quite a while, before realising, “I’ll actually still be doing what I’m doing now.”

Because I barely even think about money nowadays. It doesn’t mean I don’t think about how to earn money and make my business sustainable. I have ambition for it too.

But I feel so deep a sense of purpose and meaning in what I do now that I find it hard to articulate fully.

You might find it strange, that there’s actually any purpose at all in mixing a bunch of ingredients together, in breaking my back running popups and events, in weighing and packing 50g of vegan and paleo cookies endlessly.

But you don’t know that when my customers hand me money, they thank me. Many of them were at their wit’s end with health issues and allergies and they really needed my food. A mum even shared that she felt like a lousy mother for not being able to provide nice snacks for her child. They were so excited and happy to have finally found me who can bake them things that are both healthy and delicious (according to them, ahem). They happily send me photos of them enjoying their food without me asking for it. They tell me I’m a godsend (I kid you not), that I should be very proud of myself.

I think I understand now what “intrinsic motivation” means. Money becomes secondary (albeit still important, and I know that, ma! I'm not just having fun.)

I feel I’ve finally found my gift. This is the value I provide to the world. While I don’t know how long I can keep going, I definitely will give it my best shot.

By Ning from Bakening
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