Kombucha: 7 fermented facts

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Unless you’ve been deep in the Congo for the past couple of years, it’s been hard to ignore the rise in popularity of Kombucha; the latest but certainly not the newest health drink to hit our shelves.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, this tangy, effervescent beverage has revived recognition due to it’s myriad of health benefits. With western medicine finally acknowledging the importance of gut health, the timing of Kombucha’s return couldn’t be better.

This tummy friendly drink has been enjoyed for centuries with its first use recorded as early as the Qin dynasty in China (200BC), often being referred to as the ‘Tea of immortality’. Since then, widespread consumption has been enjoyed in Russia, Eastern Europe and Japan before finally making into the mainstream markets across the world.

Kombucha is a fermented probiotic drink that is made up of tea, sugar and a starter culture, referred to as a scoby or ‘symbiotic culture of bacteria & yeasts.’ Now before you start fretting about the presence of sugar in this so called ‘health drink’, rest easy. Like any fermentation process, sugar is an essential part of the process and is rapidly consumed by the scoby to transform a seemingly nutrient lacking drink, into an elixir of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and bacteria that promote very happy gut flora.

Here are 7 wonderful health benefits of drinking this bubbly delight:

• An increased burst of live organisms, which help to maintain a healthy gut environment.

• Greater absorption of essential minerals such as iron, zinc and magnesium. With diets high in processed food and lacking in fresh produce, many of us are deficient in these vital minerals.

• Improvement in digestion: Fighting inflammation and candida overgrowth. With the prevalence of gut related issues such as IBS & food intolerance, Kombucha is the perfect digestive.

• The modern diet and lifestyle have created an influx of toxins for our liver and pancreas to bear. The healthy enzymes and bacterial acids in Kombucha help to ease the burden on these organs.

• Contains the almighty vitamin-c, a powerful cancer fighting antioxidant.

• A valuable source of B group vitamins, essential to a healthy nervous system and blood pressure.

• Healthy gut flora promotes overall mental clarity and mood stability. Aiding in overall management of anxiety and depression.


By Gemma Yates-Round

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