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Growing up, I wasn’t spiritual (sorry Granny up above). I tried church with my family, listened in religious studies, read books, but nothing ever seemed relevant to me. However, when I was in the presence of my loved ones who believed, I felt something. I wanted a part of their belief. Their trust. Faith - in something bigger than themselves. The knowledge that they were being looked after. That their prayers were being answered.

To me, that’s what manifestation and intentions are. After years of soul searching, reading, and yoga, I suddenly landed on something. We have to have a greater belief in ourselves and our dreams, for anything to ever change. It isn’t just us out there alone peddling hard. We are supported, if we choose to see it. We have so much already. We can create the lives we want, with a dash of determination, and a big old dose of faith. Faith that if it is what we truly need to be happy, it will happen.

To manifest is (to me), to create the life we want. It doesn’t mean being a millionaire. It means making yourself happy. Having the knowledge that you have the power to go out there and get it. So often, we don’t realise how we talk to ourselves, the negative stream of thoughts. I was the biggest worrier, I didn’t believe I could do anything, I hid behind others, I didn’t go to University because I didn’t want to let go of my security blanket of work, friends and money. Now I believe the opposite. I think we can all achieve so much more than we expect. It’s our expectations and mind that get in the way.

I started attending intention setting nights, meditation classes a couple years ago as a way to help me change my life and get me out of my “safe zone". And it has done that, plus so much more. I am still me. If not, more me. But now I see that our dreams can be limitless, if we let them. First, we need to identify what it is we want, and from there, make a plan. It won’t just happen. Those "lucky people"- they simply believe they are lucky. We all need to feel lucky, supported, grateful, powerful and most of all believe we can have what we so desire. It will come our way. Faith. Trust. Belief.

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By Jo Walsh

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