Step Up To Your Edge - 4 Universal Principles

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At moments of difficulty in poses, these principles will do for your mind what a map does when your are lost on a road. They will guide you, empower you, and encourage you to move through boundaries that once seemed impenetrable. They can be the light that illuminates your path.


When you tune into the present moment, you rein your focus back in from the distractions happening around you. Hearing your body’s voice brings you right into the here and now.


Growth is the most important thing there is. Growth is forward movement, anything else is stagnation or, worse, regression.

It’s the whole point of our journey: to grow and evolve so we can remove all the parts of ourselves that keep us from living in the light, living from our essence, living as our authentic selves.

Don’t try hard, try easy. Trying hard invites strain and struggle. Trying easy gives you the levity and freedom to fly. 

There is a power in the universe more powerful than you are, and all you need to do to access it is relax, breathe and surrender.


Get your brain out of the way and just relax into it.  But when you drop your brain, you actually give your body and soul a chance to shine.

When you let go mentally, there is a shift physically. Doubt your doubts and they vanish. Feel your fears and they fade.

Excerpt pulled from “Journey into Power” by Baron Baptiste.

Each week in February, we will focus on one of these principles and we ask you to commit to stepping up to your edge! Empower others to commit, by sharing and tagging #homyoga #(principle of the week) and stand a chance to win fabulous prizes!

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