The Drink with 2000 Years of History: Kombucha

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What is Kombucha?

As the word “cha” suggests, Kombucha is a type of tea—fermented tea. It is fermented using “symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast”, commonly known as SCOBY. While it is a trendy beverage in many countries such as UK, USA and Australia, the origin of Kombucha dates more than 2000 years back. Unlike what you would expect from a beverage made from tea, Kombucha is fizzy and has a slight vinegar taste.

What are the benefits of Kombucha?

Improved gut health

During fermentation, probiotics and enzyme are produced. Probiotics are good bacteria that helps to get rid of the bad bacteria in your gut. Enzymes helps to speed up the digestion of your food.


Glucaric acid is a product of the fermentation process. It increases the efficiency of the liver’s detoxifying ability. Gluconic acid in Kombucha binds to toxins and help remove them from our body.

Crash-free energy

Kombucha increases our energy without a sudden spike or dip in our energy levels. It is also aids in post workout recovery by preventing the accumulation of lactic acid in our muscles.

Kombucha available in studios now.

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