Ways to Help Your Clothes Last Longer

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You’ve spent a lot of time finding the most comfortable (and flattering) yoga clothing; not to mention, you’ve also spend a good bit of money. It only makes sense that you want to make sure your yoga attire lasts as long as possible. How can you do that? – By taking proper care of them.

Unlike other articles of clothing, like jeans and T-shirts, your yoga gear requires a little more attention to ensure that it is well cared for. From pants to shirts, here are some tips that will help you extend the life of your yoga clothing.

Wash Regularly

Though you may be able to wear a pair of jeans or a hoodie two or three times between washings, you want to make sure that you wash your yoga clothing as often as possible. If you don’t, sweat and other bacteria will start to buildup in the clothing. As a result, they’ll start to develop a funky smell and they just won’t feel comfortable.

To make sure your yoga clothing smells and looks good for as long as possible, make sure you wash it regularly. If possible, try to toss your gear into the washing machine right after you complete a yoga session. This will help to prevent sweat, bacteria and unpleasant odors from settling into the fibers. Once that happens, it can be very difficult to get the clothing clean.

Avoid Tumbling Dry

It’s tempting to put your yoga clothing into the dryer, but if you want them to last longer, you really should avoid the temptation. Tumble dryers rely on heat to dry clothing, and that heat can damage the elastic in your gear. As a result, your clothing won’t last as long, and you’ll end up having to replenish your yoga wardrobe much sooner than you probably would like to.

While air drying is highly recommended, you want to avoid hanging your yoga clothing to dry.

Damp clothing is heavier, and when combined with gravity, your clothing can end up stretching out. Instead, lay your yoga gear flat to dry.

Skip the Fabric Softener

Fabric softener can help your clothing feel soft and make it smell fresh, but for yoga clothing, fabric softener can do some serious damage; especially fabric softener sheets.
Sheet softeners leave a waxy-like material on your clothing, which helps to prevent static buildup and makes your clothing feel softer. However, this wax can also impact your yoga clothing’s ability to absorb moisture. It can also trap sweat and other odors into the fibers, making your clothing smell foul instead of fresh. As a result, you’ll sweat more, and that sweat will get trapped in your clothing, making it smell even worse.

Go for Organic

When you do buy new yoga gear, opt for items that are made of organic materials. Though organic clothing may have a higher price tag than clothing that is made out of synthetic materials, it’s much more comfortable and will last a lot longer.

With these simple tips, your yoga clothing will last you a lot longer and will be much more comfortable for all those downward dogs and child’s poses.

By Ashley Smith


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