200-hour Part Time Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Meiyan Cheong, Oct 1 - Dec 18

Orchard Central
200-hour Yoga Alliance Recognised Course
Led by Meiyan Cheong
Every Weekend, October 1 - December 18, 2022

At the root of our being lies our inner guru with the wisdom to guide us into discovering our own inner light and truth. Our experiences, core beliefs, and the people around us can either bring us closer to this discovery or unknowingly shield us from it. In the same way that yoga has brought Meiyan closer to honouring her true self, she hopes to hold space for you, too, to cultivate balance, love, and light in your life both on and off the mat.

Inspired by Meiyan's experience in Vinyasa and Yin, this training program aims to explore and discuss the dualistic energies of Yin & Yang, Grounding & Uplifting, Comfort & Challenge, Striving & Letting go. As such, trainees will be exposed to these styles, which will prepare you with a solid foundation to teach Yoga from the space you most resonate with. Yoga philosophy, pranayama, anatomy, asana and teaching methodologies, including sequencing and learning to hold space for students are all key portions of the curriculum that will be covered.

Our daily study will consist of a morning asana and pranayama practice, theory, sharing, an "asana clinic" where we break down asanas and learn how to guide students into them safely, as well as time for practice teaching. Each session will close with a short meditation or yoga nidra.

Although the training exposes us to the physical practice of yoga and how to guide students safely into asanas, we will be exploring asana as part of the eight limbs of yoga. An advanced asana practice is not a prerequisite for this program—Meiyan welcomes anyone from all walks of life, on any page of their yoga journey.


Part I: Yoga Foundations & Philosophy

What is yoga? What does it mean to you?

We lay the foundations of yoga with sacred texts, sutras, mantras and philosophy. In this module, we will explore Patanjali's eight limbs of yoga, chakras, pranayama and meditation. These topics will invite self-inquiry, reflection, contemplation, and discussion to offer a deeper understanding of yoga off the mat.

Part II: Asana

What are sun salutations? What is Parsvakonasana?

We move on to the more tangible experience that most of us have had the most exposure to— our physical practice. Here, we will be exposed to the three variations of Surya Namaskar, standing poses and seated poses. These postures will be broken down to understand their modifications and alignment. We will also explore some restorative postures commonly practiced in a Yin class. This module also exposes us to the sanskrit names of these postures, which is useful for us as teachers to know.

Part III: Anatomy & Physiology

How can I better understand my own anatomy, so that I may guide my students safely?

In this module, we will be guided by osteopathic physician and RYT 500hr educator Dr. Bryan Ng. Functional anatomy sessions will guide you through the biomechanics of movement, common injuries and how to avoid them, as well as the physiology of breathing and stress management. Upon gaining a basic understanding of the skeletal and muscular systems, you will be better equipped to create thoughtful sequences, which we will cover in the next module.

Part IV: The Art of Teaching

How do I hold space? How much should I instruct and how much should I demonstrate?

In this final module, we combine everything that we have learnt in the program thus far as we prepare for our final assessment. We will explore teaching language—cues used, tone, pace, when to pause, how to sequence, and explore styles that resonate with you most. We will create a safe space to refine our teaching through group teaching and peer feedback.


Saturday & Sunday, Oct 1 & 2
Saturday & Sunday, Oct 8 & 9
Saturday & Sunday, Oct 15 & 16
Saturday - Monday, Oct 22 - 24
Saturday & Sunday, Oct 29 & 30
Saturday & Sunday, Nov 5 & 6
Saturday & Sunday, Nov 12 & 13
Sunday, Nov 20
Saturday & Sunday, Nov 26 & 27
Saturday & Sunday, Dec 3 & 4
Saturday & Sunday, Dec 10 & 11
Saturday & Sunday, Dec 17 & 18

9.30am - 6pm


Early bird (by August 20): $3,900
Regular: $4,200


Cancellations received 30 days before the start of the course incurs a fee of $250.
Cancellations received less than 30 days before the start of the course results in full forfeit of the tuition fee.


Meiyan's regular yoga practice started in 2014, when a bout of rare insomnia hit due to stress and no other solutions seemed to work. As a swimmer and aquathlete in her university days, movement meant a stopwatch, clear results, goals, and a great deal of expectations toward herself. 

Enter yoga - which is more about letting go than holding on. She fell in love with the freedom she experienced from a vinyasa class, and embarked on her 200 hour teacher training in 2016. Within that same year, she left her corporate marketing job and dove head first into teaching yoga full time. She is currently in the midst of completing her 300 hour teacher training with a specialised focus in yin, vinyasa, philosophy and mindfulness, and is looking forward to leading her own teacher training someday soon.

As a practitioner and a teacher, Meiyan's two favourite styles are vinyasa and yin - polar opposites. She enjoys sequences woven together like a dance, while still staying true to the breath. She feels yin complements the yang energy that we create, not only in vinyasa classes, but in our hectic daily lives, and deeply enjoys the stillness and discipline required in a yin practice. Regardless of the style of practice, a mantra she holds close in her teaching and personal practice is the simple reminder “you are enough."

Outside of yoga, Meiyan can be found soaking in the water under the sun, or enjoying some introvert time with her cats at home. She co-owns Lighthouse Adventure Co, a Singapore based dive center and travel agency, with a group of good friends.