60-hour Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Jo Phee, Jun 3 - Jul 24

Live Online
AcuYin, Acupressure & Hip Anatomy II
Every Friday & Sunday, June 3 - July 24, 2022

Yinspiration is the creator of AcuYin (a unique practice that combines the oriental healing art of Acupressure with the quiet practice of Yin Yoga). This module has gained tremendous interests from the yin community worldwide with the interweaving of two potent and profound practices together. This module is currently one of the most sought-after yin yoga training by yoga teachers.

This comprehensive training is designed in accordance with the requirements for registration with Yoga Alliance USA. Upon graduation, students may apply directly with Yoga Alliance USA for “YACEP” status or accumulate these hours towards Yinspiration’s 300hrs certification.

This training will be hosted directly by Jo Phee’s Yinspiration Yin Yoga platform in order to have access to all live zoom sessions and pre-recordings. Your email will be forwarded to Yinspiration upon registration.


Acupressure & Moxibustion

  • Origin of Acupoints
  • The Meridian System
  • Meridian Pathways & Physiological Functions
  • Theory of Acupressure
  • Self-Acupressure Methods
  • Study of Vital Acupressure Points
  • Extraordinary Meridian Points
  • Locations, Functions & Treatments for Each Point
  • Acupoints for Common Illnesses
  • AcuMassage
  • Theory of Moxibustion
  • How to apply Self-Moxibustion

Yin Yoga & AcuYin

  • Yin Yoga: Theory and Practice
  • The Classic Yin Poses
  • Variations for Different Skeletons
  • Prop Usage and Modifications
  • Safety in Yin Yoga
  • The 4-Parts Of A Yin Pose
  • The 3-Parts Of A Yin Class
  • The Energy Curve Of A Yin Class
  • How To Teach Functional Yin Yoga
  • Creative Yin Sequences
  • Exploring Yin Themes
  • Teaching Methodology
  • Teaching Considerations
  • The Role Of A Teacher
  • Practicum: How to Teach Acupoints to Students
  • Combining Acupressure with Yin Yoga
  • Teaching AcuMassage in Yin Yoga
  • AcuYin Sequencing 

Anatomy of Yoga (Hip)

  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Biomechanics of Movement
  • Common Pathologies & Treatments
  • Skeletal Variations
  • Functional Anatomy Lab
  • Analysis of Yin Yoga Poses
  • Adaptation of Poses for Different Skeletons


Live Zoom Lectures (+ 7 days recording)

Every Friday & Sunday (8 weeks)
3pm - 6.30pm SGT 

3 & 5 June
10 & 12 June
17 & 19 June
24 & 26 June
1 & 3 July
8 & 10 July
15 & 17 July
22 & 24 July

2 Compulsory Zoom Sessions with Jo Phee
Upon confirmation of registration, you will be assigned one of the weeks (once each in June & July) to stay back for 30 - 45 mins after the zoom training to meet with Jo.



- Colour printed manual (no digital copy will be given)
- Book of Yin (with hundreds of yin pictures)
- Yinspiration training pack (AcuSticks + moxibustion kit)
- Shipping fee (excludes customs tax)

Please register early to ensure you get your manuals on time as all training packs are shipped directly from Singapore.


Please note that this event is non-refundable.


Known as a teacher’s teacher, Jo Phee is a senior Yin Yoga Trainer well-known in the international yin yoga community for her specialties in Chinese Medicine, Functional Anatomy and Fascia Science. Dubbed as the “Queen of Props” in yin yoga, she is also credited as the pioneer yin yoga teacher to introduce and popularise Upper Body Yin Yoga to the mass public.

Jo is the first-generation yin yoga teachers trained by Yin Yoga creators Paul and Suzee Grilley. She has served as their Senior Lead Assistant since 2009 and has spent thousands of hours in apprenticeship with them. She is personally mentored by them to teach their entire yin training curriculum. Jo has taught more than 10,000 public yin classes since 2006 and conducted over 100 yin teacher trainings around the world . Thousands of yin teachers and trainers have graduated with her over the years. In the recent decade, she has been travelling full time delivering “The Grilleys Method” teacher training.

Brought up solely with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) from childhood by her Chinese Taoist parents, all of Jo’s initial induction into TCM was based on experiential knowledge passed down from generations in her Chinese family. She learnt Guasha and Cupping treatments from her grandparents and Chinese herbal medicine from her mother. To add theoretical knowledge to her practical experience, Jo went on to study at the Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine.