Foundation Workshop for Pregnant Yogis with Amber Sawyer, May 1

Orchard Central
Saturday, May 1, 2021
3pm - 6pm

Are you a yoga practitioner, pregnant, and wondering how to safely modify your practice? Or perhaps you are pregnant and have heard that yoga is beneficial to support your pregnancy and birth, and would like to start a yoga practice safely? Or maybe you are wondering: Can you still attend regular asana classes? What contraindications should you be aware of? How do you incorporate props into your practice? What do you do with your pelvic floor muscles? Is it true that some poses can contribute to Diastasis Recti? Is there anything I should avoid in each trimester?

If these questions have any familiarity for you, join us for this special workshop led by Amber Sawyer, PhD, Founder of Embodied Woman Yoga, as we take an afternoon to explore and deepen our understanding of how to safely modify our yoga practice to support pregnancy and an empowered, active birthing experience.

In this 3-hour workshop, we will first look at the anatomy and physiology of pregnancy and at the musculoskeletal changes that are common during pregnancy. Through this lens, we will better be able to explore how to modify our asana practice safely during your pregnancy, going through easy and quick variations for postures and vinyasas, how to incorporate props to support your pregnant body, as well as review the contraindications for yoga during pregnancy.

Rather than memorizing a list of contraindications, this course will enable you to have a deeper understanding of why a pose may or may not be beneficial during your pregnancy. Moreover, this workshop will hopefully give you the knowledge base to confidently practice yoga during your pregnancy, so that you feel excited to be on the mat, preparing your body for a healthy pregnancy and an empowering birth experience.

Topics to be covered:

  • Understanding an overview of the anatomical and physiological changes during pregnancy 
  • Dispelling common myths about yoga and pregnancy 
  • Guidelines to follow for a pregnant practitioner on that mat, through all trimesters
  • Prenatal asana and pranayama contraindications, and intuitively recognizing what may or may not be appropriate during your pregnancy 
  • How to use props to support your asanas and create more space for baby
  • How to modify sun salutations for pregnancy (with and without props)
  • Safe pelvic floor and core training during pregnancy 
  • Recognizing poses that support optimal fetal positioning
  • How to modify savasana to support each trimester 
  • How to modify poses for common musculoskeletal complications during pregnancy 


3:00pm - 4:00pm Theory
4:00pm - 5:30pm Practice & Exploration
5:30pm - 6:00pm Q&A




Pregnancy and postpartum can be such a potent time for a woman as she embraces change on every level of her being, as she steps towards the labyrinth of birth and motherhood, shedding who she is now in order to bring forth and take care of a new human being.

Amber Sawyer, PhD, Founder of Embodied Woman Yoga, specialises in developing mindful and foundational yoga practices for expectant-, new- and seasoned- mothers, empowering them to find inner and outer alignment, connecting with their pelvic health, breath, body, mind and preparedness for birth and entry into postpartum. Currently she serves as a birth assistant, teaches pre and postnatal yoga, as well as offers an Embodied Woman Prenatal and Postpartum Yoga Teacher Training biannually. Amber also founded Embodied Woman Yoga Academy, which is a platform for courses, CEUs, Yoga Teacher Trainings and resources related to women’s health, particularly pregnancy and postpartum. She has been a resident teacher and teacher trainer at Hom Yoga Singapore since 2012.