Freedom Dance: A Full Moon Moving Meditation Practice with Gayle Nerva, Jul 3

Orchard Central
Monday, July 3, 2023
8.30pm - 9.30pm

This Full Moon, gift yourself an evening of freeform movement and expression, using dance as a form of moving meditation. This special meditation practice is for anyone looking to recenter and reconnect deeply with their intuitive wisdom and inner child within. Letting go of the analytical mind, and enjoy free playful exploration of the body to celebrate, release, and renew, all while being held by the hands of our collective spirit & community.

This practice will begin with intention setting, followed by a short guided movement warm up to open the body and create a safe and respectful space for every body to move freely. The rest of the session is self-led, and the music is curated by Gayle for a slower paced, downtempo music experience of gentle lo-fi sounds, indigenous beats and drums, soulful electronica, as well as traditional and natural soundscapes.

There is no speaking during the dance portion of the practice, and the session will close with a mantra meditation and savasana.

All genders and bodies are welcome. No dance or meditation experience is required.



Cancellation Policy

Please note that this event is non-refundable.


Drawing inspiration from all things, people, nature, successes and failures, Gayle Nerva loves playful, open-hearted exploration. Her natural ability to hold space for her community helps people feel safe, brave and joyful in their bodies.

With a background in a music and singing, Gayle believes in the healing powers of sound, and always looks forward to sharing this music medicine with others.

Gayle has been sharing yoga since 2017. Her teaching style is lighthearted, fun-loving and grounded in compassion and curiosity. She enjoys many styles of movement, from the stable alignment-based holds of a Hatha practice, to the dynamic flowing movements of Vinyasa, dance, martial arts and gymnastics.

For Gayle, yoga and self care extends beyond the physical; it is in choosing to meet all sides of herself and others with openness, learning to meet resistance with kindness, and celebrating all the little things that we may take for granted. It is about expanding our capacity to love and respect all beings and nature. Remembering to be patient on bad days, and brave to begin over, and over again.