Injury Prevention: Mastering your Foundation with Max Teong, Jul 6

Orchard Central
Saturday, July 6, 2019
12pm - 2pm

In this workshop, you will learn the basics of grounding and proper alignment for foundational poses such as downward dog, chaturanga dandasana, warrior group, standing balances, and more.

We will break down each pose and build it from the ground up, focusing on grounding through key anatomical landmarks and finding optimal postural alignment to gain the most out of each pose while also reducing the risk of injury.

By mastering the basics, you will find much more power and ease in your practice, and also be able to grow your practice in a stronger and safer way.

This workshop is suitable for practitioners of all levels.

Regular price: $80
Early bird (by 25 May): $70


Since receiving his training as a Physiotherapist in Perth, Western Australia, Max has worked in private practices in rural Tasmania and Singapore. Over this time, he has had the opportunity to treat people from all walks of life, including state-level athletes, farmers, miners, yoga practitioners and certainly, office workers.

As part of his journey, he was introduced to the healing potential of Remedial Massage, Pilates, and Reiki, which he has taken on board and integrated into his practice. Max's other area of interest is in spiritual healing, in other words, healing the self from within. On that front, he believes that at the very core of the healing process is allowing yourself to dig deep, in order to get to know your true self better. Once that connection is made, then true healing begins.