Live Online: Immersive Daily Vinyasa Flow with Blair Hughes

Live Online Class
Sunday - Friday

Join Blair as he guides you through a full body vinyasa flow with each day of the week centred on a different anatomical and energetic focus for you to develop and progress in your practice. Create a strong intention with an immersive daily practice to allow for a sense of continuity, progression and growth in your practice. Blair will give you precise feedback as he observes the progression in your daily practice.

Drop in and out of classes throughout the week, however, it is recommended that you commit to a full week of daily vinyasa practice and highly recommended that you commit to a full month of daily vinyasa practice.

Immersive Daily Vinyasa Flow

Monday is Vinyasa Hips with a focus on how to actively open and straighten your hip joints in all planes of motion as you move through a full body vinyasa practice.

Tuesday is Vinyasa Twists with a focus on how to mobilise and stabilise your spine through a full body vinyasa practice. When you bring conscious awareness to your twists, you will open and cleanse yourself fully.

Wednesday is Vinyasa Backbends with a focus on how to open the front of your body, without collapsing the back of your body. This full body vinyasa flow will energise you and open you up to greater potential and courage.

Thursday is Vinyasa Shoulders. Prepare and learn how to stabilise and activate your shoulder joints in this full body flow. You will achieve greater posture and strength through your whole upper body. Arm balances will be explored, however, they remain optional.

Friday is Vinyasa Core as you learn how to move from your core without locking your core in this full body vinyasa flow class. This is the foundation of vinyasa yoga. When you learn how to activate your core through posture and anatomical cues, you begin to progress towards activating your core through your energetic bandha and breathing practice.

Saturday is a rest day.

Sunday is Power Vinyasa (75-min) full body flow practice to integrate the learnings of the week into one symphony of the play of Consciousness. This is where we drop all that we know to trust and flow—this is the real practice of Vinyasa yoga. Do not let the details affect your Presence. Allow your Presence to refine the details. In other words, let the Transformation that wants you to access you!

Daily Schedule

Monday, 12.15pm: Vinyasa Hips
Tuesday, 6.30pm: Vinyasa Twists
Wednesday, 6.30pm: Vinyasa Backbends
Thursday, 6.30pm: Vinyasa Shoulders
Friday, 12.15pm: Vinyasa Core
Saturday: Rest
Sunday, 11.30am: Power Vinyasa

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Blair Hughes, is a natural teacher with over 11 years of experience. He has an innate ability to inspire and empower his students, intuitively guiding them on a journey above and beyond the physical. 

His journey into yoga started back in Scotland when he was 18. It was 15 years later before he began teaching and studying with some of the most influential yoga teachers and performance coaches in the world. He is an E-RYT 500hr certified yoga teacher trainer, based out of Singapore, where he shares the teachings of yoga locally and globally.

Blair’s gentle nature, combined with a commanding presence, creates a powerful and potent space to transform and grow.