Living Yoga: North India Winter Retreat with Leigh Khoo, Nov 24 - 29 (New Dates)

Living Yoga
North India Winter Retreat with Leigh Khoo
New Dates: Sunday - Friday, November 24 - 29, 2019* 

A semester abroad in a quiet Gujarati village and many more visits navigating India’s chaotic beauty have taught me more about the practice of yoga than what can possibly be learned on the mat. Amidst the country's kaleidoscope of sights, scents and colours are all lessons — in patience, equanimity and surrender. In other words, India is living yoga in its very essence.

Join Leigh for an intimate six-day winter retreat to the artists’ colony of Andretta in North India’s Himachal Pradesh. For decades, artists and writers have been drawn to this area to contemplate the deeper aspects of life, and that is exactly what we will do in the company of like-minded yogis. Stripped bare of our daily routines and habitual clutter, we will explore yoga, pranayama and meditation practices. There will also be plenty of downtime to soak in the ethereal beauty of mild, sunlit days and cosy nights by the fire. Hide out in the library for an afternoon of reading, spend some meditative time at the wheel in a nearby pottery studio, or simply nurse a cup of tea on the patio as you stare out at distant mountains.


We will be staying in a heritage homestay in Andretta, a peaceful artists’ village nestled at the foothills of the mighty Dhauladhar ranges. There are beautiful gardens to stroll in, cosy corners to curl up at with a book, and a gorgeous glasshouse studio where we will practise in every day. Winter nights are cold, but the shala and rooms are heated. The cook will spoil us with regional vegetarian meals made from locally sourced produce. 


  • Five nights accommodation*
  • Twice daily yoga sessions
  • Daily satsang
  • Daily vegetarian breakfast, lunch, dinner


Twin with private en suite: $1,600
Twin with shared en suite (2 rooms share 1 connecting bath): $1,450

Early bird (by 1 September): $150 off

Previous participant’s of Leigh’s Living Yoga Sri Lanka retreat and/or Living Yoga Vinyasa teacher training are entitled to $250 off. Please email us for payment. 

The retreat location is 1.5 hours from Dharamsala’s Kangra Airport and 5.5 hours from Amritsar International Airport. We can arrange your land transfer from either airport for an additional fee. 

If you are signing up with a friend, please email us immediately after your purchase with your names so we can assign the both of you to the same room.

*To facilitate different travel routes and arrival timings, your room will be available for check in from 3pm on Sun, 24 November. Afternoon tea and dinner will be provided, along with an optional evening yin-yang session to help you unwind from your travels. The retreat officially begins on Monday 25 November.

*This retreat requires a minimum of 10 participants, otherwise a full refund will be in place.


Yoga found Leigh 12 years ago, in a tiny Keong Saik Road shophouse studio. As much as she enjoyed working up a good sweat, it was the meditation practice after the asana sessions that really drew her in. Her teacher Sunil Dahiya used to say: “Where are you in your body? Meditate on that.” That set the tone for Leigh’s yoga journey. While she naturally inclines towards strong vinyasa sequences, she also has an insatiable appetite to learn about the deeper philosophies of yoga and meditation, which she believes are key to unlocking the wisdom of our consciousness.

Leigh lives life guided by her heart and gut, and that was what gave her the intuitive faith to leave a full-time job in magazine publishing to pursue her yoga studies in 2013 with Bali-based Anusara teacher Emily Kuser. She later trained with Power Yoga founder Bryan Kest and renowned Yin Yoga teacher Jo Phee. Interestingly, all her teachers are advocates of meditation. As a sickly child, Leigh was nursed back to health by an Ayurvedic doctor, and that sparked her interest in holistic healing. She currently studies Ayurvedic healing with America-based Ayurvedic teacher Dr. David Frawley.

Through her years of teaching, Leigh has learned to understand and, more importantly, respect anatomical differences, and she encourages practitioners to tune in to their inner alignment — asanas that look right on the outside may not necessarily feel so within. Her classes are dynamic and flowing, but also mindful and contemplative, especially when she is teaching yin yoga and meditation (her favourite!). She is greatly inspired by the written word, which she often shares in the form of quotes, stories and poetry in class.

When she's not on the mat, Leigh is a hungry reader and a voracious traveller, and she loves seeking out destinations for her next Living Yoga retreats. You're also likely to find her at Bollywood dancing, which she loves for its carefree exuberance! She sees life as the greatest teacher of all, with every moment (especially the challenging ones) serving as an opportunity to connect to our deepest self, so as to live with compassion, intention and integrity — that to her is yoga in action, and the most important practice of all.