Postpartum Yoga Foundation Series with Amber Sawyer

River Valley
Every Sunday
11.30am - 12.30pm

Often times we hear the term Postnatal Yoga, but in this foundational yoga series, we introduce Postpartum Yoga, which carries a small but important distinction. Postpartum is a mother-centric term for the journey following the birth of a baby (whether recently or decades later). In this practice, our focus is on healing and restoring the mother. This is a mindful and foundational practice for reconnecting a new (or seasoned) mother with her body, her pelvic anatomy and safe core training, and is specifically for empowering mothers to find their inner and outer alignment, whether they are newly postpartum or even many years since having their child. With the magnificent birthing process comes a tremendous stress on the female body that often times requires specific attention to restore.

This foundational series of 5 classes is purposefully curated to introduce simple methods to establish postural alignment, breath connection, pelvic floor balancing and activation of the deep core system as a means to provide a solid foundation from which a safe and confident yoga practice (or daily practice of any kind) can be established. In these classes, we address the Core Four, balance of the Pelvic Floor Muscles (hypertonicity and hypotonicity), Diastasis Recti and restoring functionality of the Linea Alba through Transversus Abdominis activation.

Once completing these classes, we highly recommend the postpartum mother to attend Mums on the Mat, a progression from the foundational classes that incorporates what we have learned into functional movements, asanas and vinyasas. These sessions are aimed at rehabilitating and empowering women to live in their vibrancy and totality and are open to women who are newly postpartum, many years postpartum, who have miscarried or who are simply looking to connect to their core foundation properly (regardless of having been pregnant or not). In truth, these practices are incredibly valuable for any woman to bring into their daily life and regular asana practice.

Week 1: Establishing Postural Alignment and Core Connection Breath
Week 2: Pelvic Floor Balancing
Week 3: Activation of Deep Core System
Week 4: Integration
Week 5: Mums on the Mat class


$175 for 5 classes
Includes 4 Postpartum Yoga Foundation Series classes and 1 Mums on the Mat class


Every Sunday
11.30am - 12.30pm

Upcoming dates:
February 2 - 23
March 1 - 22

Note: These dates reflect Week 1 to Week 4. Email to book for Mums on the Mat class, which can be done anytime after the completion of Week 1 to Week 4. 


As an Embodiment Facilitator, Amber shares the joy of living through holistic practices of yoga, active meditations, and elemental wellness, as well as combines these offerings with her service as a birth doula and holistic guide for pregnancy/postpartum women. With nearly 20 years of study and practice in Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation, as well as a PhD in Biomedical Engineering in the field of stem-cell tissue repair, Amber brings a unique perspective on healing and self-discovery through the influence of scientific and ancient wisdoms.

From 2009 to 2018, Amber founded a community in the heart of Singapore known as Satsanga where she offered weekly active meditation and yoga classes, kirtans and community events. Amber has also studied directly under the tutelage of many Masters, learning to share Active Meditations (using sound and movement), as well as has been certified in Universal Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga, Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga and Mindful Birth, Elemental Yoga Therapy and Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselling. Amber also holds certification as a birth and postpartum doula, and has been serving as a midwife assistant and doula over the last two years.

After the birth of her little one in 2015, Amber shifted into her current offerings, which include mothering her vibrant little one, supporting her family, continued work with group immersions and retreats, biannually leading a 200hr Elemental Yoga Teacher Training and Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training, and working on a more individual basis of empowering others to find their inner and outer harmony through a variety of practices including breathwork, nutrition, constitutional analysis, yoga, meditation and daily rhythms. Part of this dharma particularly focuses on empowering women to have a conscious pregnancy, birth experience and preparedness for motherhood.

Amber currently resides in Singapore while also traveling internationally with her life partner and little yogini, to share conscious movement, yoga, meditation, holistic health, love, laughter and light world wide!