Restorative Yoga: A Private Group Class Series with Angeline Chia, Apr 18 - May 30

Orchard Central
Every Alternate Tuesday, April 18, May 2, 16 & 30, 2023
2pm - 3.30pm

It is our natural state to be relaxed, but we may at times find it challenging to do so amidst the demands of life. This series is the beginning of our commitment to invite conscious relaxation to become an integral part of our life, allowing our mind and body to down-regulate from prolonged stress, helping us arrive at a state of balance.

Restorative yoga is a mindful and slow-paced practice. We will explore the use of yoga props to help create a supportive environment, encouraging the body to release deeply-held tension. This sends signals to our brains to shift gear towards the parasympathetic nervous system, releasing hormones that restores the body’s ability to rest and digest.

These 90-minute sessions may include breathwork, meditation and sound healing tools. It will be an intimate and private practice, capped at a maximum of 6 participants.

You may choose to sign up for a single drop-in session or the full series of 4 classes. 


Single session: $65
Full series: $250

Sign up for the full series and receive a complimentary Hom Organic Cotton Cylindrical Yoga Bolster with buckwheat filling.

Cancellation Policy

Please note that this event is non-refundable.


The beginning of Angeline’s relationship with yoga rose out of necessity when she was in search of an avenue to help cope with emotional stress. Since 2012, she has been through periods of regular asana practice, as well as extended periods off her mat. She has learnt to become compassionate with herself over the years, and believes that yoga is here to support you in the way you need it—some days fiery and dynamic, some days quiet and contemplative; the list of the many facets of a yoga practice goes on.

Whatever your reason may be for practice, Angeline invites you to align your intentions with the choices you make on and off your mat—a marriage of your heart and throat chakra that brings to surface your true authentic self. Each practice is an opportunity that invites you to hold space, observe and witness your decisions and the impact it can have on you.

Apart from yoga, Angeline’s life experiences naturally prompted her to extend her learning journey towards other energy modalities such as reiki, sound healing, and channeling higher perspectives through intuition readings. She also expresses herself through emotive illustration art which she shares under the handle @LilTeddyStudio, lovingly named after her son, who has inspired Angeline’s many occasions of courage since his birth.