Take Flight: An Introductory Arm Balance Workshop with Lesley de Cruz, Jun 17

River Valley
Saturday, June 17, 2023
11.30am - 1pm

Join Lesley in a 90-minute introductory workshop to equip yourself with the grounding and foundation necessary to cultivate an arm balance practice. We will begin with a warm-up flow to stretch and strengthen the muscles needed for postures like plank, chaturanga and dolphin, before exploring postures like crow, side crow, and other beginner-friendly options.

This workshop is a space to hone your arm balance practice or learn how to add them to your repertoire. We will explore a combination of flows, drills, techniques and self practice. Open to all levels.



Cancellation Policy

Please note that this event is non-refundable.


Lesley discovered yoga at a time when she felt lost working at a high-stress job. As someone who struggled with injuries due her to athletic training, yoga was her way of finding an alternate means to move her body that didn’t require high energy or impact. Stepping onto the mat brought her into a safe space, and with a gentle nudge from her dad, she took her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Dr Venky Reddy and started sharing her practice in 2016.

Connection to the breath plays a big part in Lesley’s practice and how she uses the mat as a space for healing. She loves to focus on nourishing and mindful flows, akin to a dance on the mat. To her, stepping onto the mat is therapy and she wants to be able to share that with her students. 

Through the evolution of her practice and her own journey on and off the mat, the one thing Lesley wants to share with her students is the reminder that “we need to be kinder to ourselves”. Each day is different, and the best thing you can do for yourself is to step on the mat with and open heart and an open mind. 

Off the mat, Lesley is her happiest in a cozy space with a book in hand–she never leaves home without her trusty Kindle.