Edmund Ang

Back in 2007, Edmund stepped into his first yoga class viewing it as simply another form of stretching exercise to gain some flexibility. It was not easy being the guy with tight muscles stepping onto his yoga mat and trying to touch his toes which seemed to be miles away. What turned out was one of his most intense experiences ever! Who would have thought a simple Warrior 2 pose can create such chaos on a physical, energetic and mental level.

If yoga is purely about the physical aspect, he would have given up then and there on the first lesson. But amidst the confusion of the practice, something subtle between the union of the body, mind and breath had awoken a new physical awareness that he never thought existed.

As his practice evolved, he started to feel the difference in himself after the practice. There was a sense of calmness and peace that he carried throughout the day in his daily life. Soon it became less of a physical and more of an inward looking journey for him. Edmund believed that on the mat, we can always have this choice to tune our awareness inwards and simply acknowledge the space we are in, and cultivate the evenness of the breath and equanimity of the mind.

Edmund is eternally grateful for all the teachers that have inspired him in his yoga journey - Vincent Tam, his first teacher for sharing the depth and width of what the practice can be; Patrick Creelman, for inspiring the “voice” to teach, and Paul and Suzee Grilley for illuminating the beauty in stillness.