Malvina Kang

Malvina is the founder of Hom Yoga. A global citizen, Malvina spent her early childhood years in Singapore, her adolescent years in Victoria, Canada and Los Angeles, California and her early adult years in Sydney, Australia. In 2007, she graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in International Relations and Journalism. Her initial curiosity in making a difference in some ways paved the way for her to work at a non-profit organisation where she was engaged in various environmental and sustainability initiatives. During that time, she was also involved in volunteer work for local charities, especially ones centred around women and children.

In 2009, it was through the loss of someone close to her that spurred her to connect with her deeper life’s purpose and sense of self. It was then that she decided to launch Hom Yoga - a yoga school she envisioned as a place for self discovery, transformation and empowerment through high quality yoga teachings, set amidst a sustainably mindful environment which reflects beauty and simplicity.

Malvina’s love for yoga evolved from her love of ballet, something which she had done for most of her life. Yoga was presented to her as a tool to assist her to strengthen her body and heal her various ballet-related injuries. At the age of 12, she experienced her first yoga class where she spent 60 minutes in savasana. She felt a presence of being from the practice and she left with the inner knowing that yoga would be an intimate part of her life. This passion, combined with more than 18 years of study and practice in yoga, contributes to Malvina’s unique perspective and approach. Malvina has studied under the tutelage of many yoga masters, and has been certified in Power Vinyasa, Prenatal, Postnatal and Mindful Birthing, and Children’s Yoga. 

With the intention to bring yoga to empower as many people as possible, Malvina established Hom Yoga Training Academy in 2016 - a world class yoga training academy, where one can deepen one’s knowledge and understanding of yoga through immersive study and education. She believes that yoga can be so powerful when practised as a healing art, steeped in its traditional practices which is more than just the asanas; ultimately leading us to connection, and greater acceptance.

After the birth of her two sons, Munro and Navy, in 2015 and 2019 respectively, Malvina’s teachings and inspiration evolved into a new dharmic realm - one which centers around empowering women to have conscious pregnancy, birthing and motherhood. Through her own journey of motherhood, she saw the profound effects of yoga on her sons that she felt compelled to share this empowering message with the wider community. With this inspiration, she created Mini Glow Yoga Club, a unique yoga club for mothers, babies, and children, where prenatal, postnatal, mums & bubs, and kids yoga classes became a large and integral part of the studio’s offerings. 

Malvina currently lives in Singapore with her two sons, and her life partner. She is presently writing a yoga series for kids, titled, “My Sun, My Sun”, “My Moon, My Moon,” and “My Star, My Star”.