Nisha Menon

Hailing from the south of India and having spent the entirety of her formative years in India, yoga was introduced to Nisha at an early age. Her earliest memories of yoga mostly centre around being begrudgingly woken up (!) at the crack of dawn by her mother to take a slow wander down the street to sit in front of a calm old gentleman who seemed to constantly be asking her to ‘breathe’ more consciously. For Nisha, yoga began as a practice of breath work. She admits, she did not realise then how fundamental this practice was going to be for her in her later years.

As the rigours of college and early professional years started to take a life of their own, yoga got left behind. Many years later, moving to Singapore in 2011, Nisha decided to pick up the practice again admittedly then as a way to shed the extra weight that many years of poor diet and lifestyle had brought on. Very quickly after, she found something inexplicable about what the practice was doing for her. The dance and fluidity of breath and movement was creating such a tremendous sense of grounding and calm that Nisha found herself completely sucked in. Yoga started to feel like a lifestyle guiding her through the rough and tumble of life and she could not deny its stupendous influence on her life.

In 2019, filled with the desire to learn more, grow more, with this practice that had become so integral to her life, Nisha completed a 200-hour teacher training with Blair Hughes at Hom Yoga in Singapore. She feels so grateful for what this practice has brought to her life and feels a burning desire to share that experience with others.

Nisha’s practice is centred around simplistic but challenging conscious flow of yogic postures combined with conscious breathing to create a meditative practice which grounds, nourishes and centres.