Post-CNY Bootcamp with Shree Mathavan, Feb 23 - 24

Orchard Central
Saturday & Sunday, February 23 & 24, 2019
2pm - 3pm

Shake up your fitness game post-CNY festivities with our two-day bootcamp which incorporates elements of HIIT, body weight exercises as well as yoga fundamentals.

Each full-body session focuses on strengthening your major muscle groups progressively, while getting your heart rate up with a series of short and fast-paced workouts. Not to worry - we'll wind down all that intensity with delicious stretches and a well-deserved savasana.

No shoes needed, just tenacity and grit! Also, water to hydrate.

Regular packages or memberships can be used for the bootcamp. Buy one of our packages here.


As a communications person, a large chunk of Shree’s professional life entails tight deadlines, churning out copy and ‘selling’ ideas, plans or stories to different stakeholders. Having worked on both ends of the communications spectrum – first as a newspaper journalist and currently, as a PR person, long days and non-stop adrenaline are par of the course for this part-time teacher.

Yoga has thankfully managed to be her refuge and source of comfort and strength whenever things got rough. A practitioner of over 10 years, she enjoys both hatha and vinyasa classes.

Hungry to further her passion, Shree took up her 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training certification at Space & Light Studios in 2014 with Anusara-inspired teachers, Lynn Yeo and Sumei Shum. The uplifting power of yoga, mindful alignment and the extension of the practice beyond the mat into our time-pressed, everyday lives is what Shree constantly works on bringing into her classes.

The calming of the mind – chitta vritti nirodha — through meditative movement and breath is a philosophy that continues to guide and inspire her. In her classes, expect a sense of playfulness, clear alignment, the uplifting power of yoga and the extension of the practice beyond the mat into our time-pressed, everyday lives.