The Essence of Postpartum Healing: A 4-Week Series with Sara Riad, Jan 7 - Feb 4

River Valley
Saturday, January 7, 14, 28 & February 4, 2023
11.45am - 1.15pm

The Essence of Postpartum Healing is a 4-week series that is carefully designed to support postpartum recovery, healing and reconnection through the practice of yoga.

Kimberly Johnson said, “There is no more pronounced shift in body, mind, and spirit than becoming a mother”.

Postpartum healing is a very natural and essential part of the process of becoming mother, yet often times we don’t give it much importance. The idea of bouncing back surmounts the reality of a slow and gradual process that occurs on all levels of a mother’s being. This program will support, nourish, and heal your body and thoughts after the experience of giving birth, whether it is a vaginal or caesarean birth.

Postpartum Yoga benefits you in many ways:

  • Re-establish your sense of wellness
  • Restore the core and pelvic floor after delivery 
  • Increase mobility in the shoulders, chest and spine 
  • Improve the separation of the abdominal muscles—diastasis recti 
  • Relieves tension in the body 
  • Sets the foundation for daily functional movement
  • Re-connects you to the breath 
  • Regulate the nervous system 
  • Enhances body awareness and more 
In our time together, we will focus on building the foundation for healing, restoring vitality in the core and pelvic floor, balancing the body by introducing the fundamentals and setting the foundation for overall wellbeing, rebuilding strength, and preparing the body for everyday activities. The approach for this series is holistic as we look to reconnect to ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Week 1: Breath and Posture Foundations
Week 2: Balancing the Pelvic Floor Muscles
Week 3: Restoring the Functionality of the Deep Core Muscles
Week 4: Coming Full Circle - Bringing it all together!

This series is for you if you’ve ever given birth, recently, months or even years ago. It is never too late! Often times we think that postpartum is only the 6 weeks or few months after having a baby but the truth is: Once postpartum, always postpartum. Coming back to revisit the foundations even after many years could provide an integration and reconnection to what might have been missed.


$160 for 4 sessions

Cancellation Policy

Please note that this event is non-refundable.


Sara found and discovered her love for yoga in 2014—a time and period of transition in her life. In her first ever class, she felt held, supported and guided in a way she had never experienced before, particularly in savasana. With sweat dripping down her face, she felt an immense sense of calm and clarity wash over her. It felt like she had been taken in and nurtured by a stranger. Yoga then became a huge part of her life. A few classes after her first, she knew she wanted to share yoga. It was only a matter of time, space and flow.

Sara then continued to practice over the years which led to her first teacher training with Blair Hughes, followed by her prenatal and postpartum yoga training with Amber Sawyer. She is now a trauma-informed, cycle-aware yoga and meditation teacher, who lives to empower women through yoga. Sara teaches prenatal and postpartum classes to help balance hormones in all stages of a woman’s life. She also runs workshops, one to one classes and group classes on pregnancy, postpartum, pelvic health and hormone balancing.

Sara specialises in prenatal and postpartum yoga and is a menstrual cycle coach in training and guiding women as they transition through menarche, monthly cycles, pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

As a teacher and facilitator, she intends to hold space in a way that brings people back to themselves—creating a sense of acceptance as they shape-shift, and connect to their bodies, breath, inner wisdom, intuitive power and deep knowing.