You Are as Young as Your Spine is Flexible: Therapeutic Back Bend Workshop with Johanna Lindroos, Jun 23

Orchard Central
Sunday, June 23, 2019
1pm - 3pm

Spinal mobility and good posture go hand in hand. Both are vital to our wellbeing. Poor posture and limited spinal mobility affect movement and make us more prone to injuries, not to mention causing pains and aches. Even breath and digestion are affected by posture; poor posture and limited spinal mobility, especially in the upper/thoracic back, restrict our breathing capacity and can cause digestional problems too.

Mindful yoga practice can help! Join Johanna for a workshop exploring yoga asanas and mindful movement to maintain and restore upper back, neck and shoulder health. The workshop is inspired by Johanna’s experience in her own practice and with her students in finding relief to spinal mobility related pains and aches through yoga.

Upper back, neck and shoulder issues are common today, due to the habitual patterns of modern life that make us lean forward and hunch. Think of sitting in a desk, using a computer and swiping through a mobile phone or doing household chores and tending/carrying children - basically any activity using your hands in front of the body. Without any counter action, this can gradually tighten the front and weaken the back resulting in rounded posture and potentially accompanying neck and upper back aches.

In this workshop, you will learn about the healing power of yoga practice targeting the upper back, neck and shoulder area. We will go through a gentle yoga flow to open up the front body and to strengthen the back body. Gravity, breath and props, such as blocks and massage balls, are used to dive deep into the tight and achy areas to provide relief via gentle mobilization and trigger point techniques. The aim of the workshop is to provide yoga based tools and techniques for self healing and maintenance of spinal mobility and overall health of the body.

This workshop is suitable for all levels, no prior yoga experience needed. All props are provided.

Regular price: $80
Early bird (by 11 May): $70


Originally from Finland, Johanna first encountered yoga when she was living in India in 2010. Amid digesting some bigger and smaller changes in life – changing countries and jobs as a new mother of two – yoga gradually became more and more important, offering moments of calmness and joy in an otherwise rollercoaster like existence. After settling down in Singapore, she continues to be fascinated by the physically demanding and spiritually nurturing practice, and is without doubt on a life-long path to practise and learn more.

Johanna completed her Yoga Alliance Certified 200-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training by Real Yoga Singapore in collaboration with the Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute in Pune, India. She has complemented her training by certificate courses and workshops both in Asia and in Europe. Her practice and teaching is mostly influenced by her teachers at Real Yoga Singapore with whom she continues to practice on a regular basis. She has been teaching since her initial teacher training in 2013.

She loves creative yet disciplined sequences that energise the body and nourish the soul. Her classes are designed to be challenging and invigorating for students at all levels with an element of surprise and/or challenge and a lot of compassion. Through yoga she wishes to inspire others both on and off the mat, just like her teachers inspire her.