45-hour Hip Anatomy and Hypermobility Yoga Teacher Training with Vivienne Spanopoulos, Sep 26 - 30

Hip Anatomy: Sequencing, Adjustments & Modifications, plus Hypermobility
45-hour Yoga Teacher Training, a Yoga Alliance Recognised Course
Led by Vivienne Spanopoulos
September 26 - 30, 2020 (Saturday – Wednesday)

This teacher training module will explore classical Hip Anatomy including healthy hip function and dysfunction and best practices for the health of the leg joints. We will cover a variety of sequencing approaches that focus on the hips and leg joints, from anatomical to therapeutic sequences. This is beneficial for the practitioner and teacher alike to understand what makes a sequence work! Principles of adjustments, guidelines and best practice will be outlined. A variety of adjustments will be explored and practiced to increase understanding and application.

Most importantly for longevity, this training will examine common hip and leg joint dysfunction, injury, strain and lack of mobility. Specific prescriptions will be outlined for the most commonly encountered issues and modifications will be listed to guide both the teacher and practitioner. For any long-term practitioner of yoga, at some point they will likely need to modify their practice due to injury, illness, weakness or imbalance in the body. This training is aimed at educating all those interested, whether they are a teacher or not, in how to continue to practice while dealing with injuries or postural limitations.

The incidence of hypermobility in the yoga world in Asia is larger than in the general population. The problems that such a student faces when they practice without awareness can lead to chronic pain issues and joint damage. This training will explore hypermobility and describe its anatomy, giving participants a clearer idea of what underlies the condition. We will look at the various types of hypermobility, how to differentiate it from flexibility and how best to teach and guide the hypermobile student. A range of supportive movements and practice strategies will be examined that specifically assist and address hypermobility and the issues that such a student faces.


Hip Anatomy

  • Daily asana practice
  • Anatomy of the hip and overview of the leg joints
  • Applied Anatomy & Yoga
  • Postural Variation & investigation
  • Health Hip Function & Dysfunction
  • Asana lab for healthy use of the leg joints
  • Sequencing: anatomical & therapeutic
  • Sequencing: understanding asana groups anatomically
  • Adjustment principles and best practice
  • Adjustment do’s and don’t’s
  • Adjustments covering the full range of hip positions
  • Common injuries and issues in the hips and lower leg joints
  • Modifications for common injuries 
  • Protocols for specific injuries
  • Case Studies from my practice
  • Prop usage and guidelines


  • The Anatomy of Hypermobility
  • Hypermobility vs Flexibility
  • The Hypermobile Spectrum - Current research
  • Hypermobile symptom list
  • Range of tools to assist the Hypermobile student

This module will include at least one practice class per day as well as lectures and practical explorations. Vivienne is an approved E-RYT 500 teacher as well as YACEP accredited. Those who are working at their Level 2 / Advanced certification at the 300 hour level can accrue these hours towards their accreditation. Those who are trained teachers who are fulfilling their continuing education hours can also count these hours. Finally those practitioners who simply want to learn and understand their body and yoga better are heartily welcomed to join. Vivienne has made it her mission to present this module to a broad range of participants and ensures that you will all be engaged, inspired, challenged, educated and transformed by these five days.


Early bird (by Jul 31): $1,265
Regular: $1,385


Saturday to Wednesday
September 26 - 30, 2020
8.30am - 12.30pm, 2pm - 6pm


All trainees are entitled to unlimited complimentary yoga classes, 10% off all retail during the period of the training, and 20% off our packages upon completion of the teacher training.


Any cancellation received 60 days prior to course incurs a fee of $250.
Any cancellation received 30 days prior to course will result in forfeit of the full tuition fee.


Vivienne first came to Singapore in 2003 to co-teach one of the first 500-hour Yoga teacher training courses ever held in this country. She was a trained Vinyasa teacher who had taught at Yoga Synergy in Sydney and had already studied applied anatomy & physiology repeatedly and intensively with her first teacher Simon Borg-Olivier.

Since then, Vivienne has taught more than 15,000 asana classes having begun teaching yoga asana in 1995 and previously taught meditation classes from 1989. Her thirst for knowledge saw her study with many international teachers across various styles: Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Hatha, Iyengar to name a few. She also assisted various teachers, most notably Rodney Yee both in Asia and the US.

In 2006, Vivienne met her next most influential teacher, Glenn Ceresoli, an internationally acclaimed Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher. From him she learned a fundamental framework for understanding Asana which informs her model of pose modification and injury prevention and rehabilitation.

In 2011, she moved to Boston, USA, to study Resistance Flexibility training. This model meshes fascial manipulation & western anatomy, with the eastern meridian system of the body to achieve great changes in a client’s tissue and structure. Several of Vivienne’s clients had forms of paralysis from either a stroke, spinal cord injury or Multiple Sclerosis and found great benefit both physically and psychologically.

Since returning to Singapore in 2015, Vivienne has been passionate about resuming Yoga Teacher Training courses throughout Asia and is in demand as a presenter due to her engaging, precise, knowledgeable, clear, & humorous delivery. Her alignment-based Hatha classes are informed by years of study of anatomy as well as sound movement principles. She also works privately with clients to transform their injuries or pain issues so they can have ease of movement and good health. Vivienne has treated clients with a range of biomechanical issues from herniated discs, to joint or muscle injuries, hypermobility, chronic pain issues and post-surgical needs. The process is designed to educate as much as guide the client so they soon become self-sufficient.

In addition Vivienne is a certified Bioenergetic Wellness Practitioner using proprietary software to get an immediate, non-invasive scan of your bioenergetic anatomy. This scan gives an analysis of your human body-field and suggests protocols for treating distortions and blockages. The connection between this work and yoga therapy is powerful.

In her eternal pursuit of good health, Vivienne is also studying a long-term detoxification protocol put together by the foremost Lyme Disease Doctor in the US, Dr Jay Davidson. She is in practitioner training to assist clients with any type of chronic illness ranging from auto-immune issues, digestive problems, a wide range of neurological issues & general fatigue conditions with their unique plant-derived supplementation and effective protocol order.

Although raised in the West, Vivienne has lived in Singapore for the last 16 years and is much more aligned with Eastern models of health and healing. Her passion is to teach and share what she has distilled from all these sources into a life-changing experience, such as the one she herself has had.