Dharma Yoga: Special Class with Morgan Smith, Jun 15

Orchard Central
Saturday, June 15, 2019
12pm - 1.30pm

This is a 90 minute mixed level practice. Asana (physical postures) will account for 60 minutes of the class, followed by guided relaxation and a short meditation. This is an excellent place to start your Dharma Yoga practice. 

Ideal for beginner, intermediate & advanced level practitioners.

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Free for Yoga Journeyers.

Email to sign up.


For Morgan, life is forever evolving. The continuous lessons from yoga have taught Morgan that everything she does is, in essence, yoga.

Morgan believes the best lessons come when one learns to truly feel and experience what is presented in front of them - how to shift, breathe, transition, relax, listen, and be open. A tangible experience that transcends the mat. Always keeping in mind yoga is a progression and starts from a solid foundation. 

Whether you're flowing together in vinyasa, learning to breathe in prenatal, or conditioning yourself to release in yin, you are learning to embrace the process of life's lessons.

Relax and practice with awareness, and know you are exactly where you are meant to be.