Embodied Woman: A Yoga Series with Amber Sawyer, Apr 20 - 28

River Valley
Saturday & Sunday, April 20, 21, 27 & 28, 2024
12.30pm - 3.30pm

Grounded in her cyclicality and intuition, the Embodied Woman finds Yoga both on and off the mat, from menarche to menopause. In this 4-part series, we will explore the feminine as a means to enrich our yoga practice–through methods to balance hormones and cycle-sync through menstruation, to understanding the 5 chambers of menopause and how we invite embodiment practices to support these rites of passages. Welcome to attend any or all; open to women of all life stages.

Yoga for Healthy Hormones 

Saturday, April 20, 2024
12:30pm - 3:30pm

Cultivating the feminine in our yoga practice can have an incredible effect for balancing hormones, regulating menstrual difficulties, increasing fertility (of body and mind) and easing challenges associated with our journey from menarche to menopause. In this workshop, we will explore the female endocrine system and life stages of a woman through theory, discussion, embodiment and a healthy-hormone asana practice.

No experience is necessary. Open to all women (and men who would like to learn about this system).

Topics explored:

  • Female endocrine system: organs & hormones 
  • Common hormonal imbalances from fertility to menopause 
  • Cyclicality of the feminine
  • Life stages of a woman
  • Menarche to menopause 
  • Embodied pelvic anatomy
  • Cultivating the feminine on and off the mat 
  • Healthy hormone yoga 
12:30pm - 1:30pm Discussion & Embodiment Exercises
1:30pm - 3pm Healthy Hormones Asana Practice
3pm - 3:30pm Q&A/Sharing Circle

This class is also suitable for pregnant or postpartum women as modifications can be offered where needed.

The Womb Wisdom of Yoga

Sunday, April 21, 2024
12:30pm - 3:30pm

Learn to harness the energy of menstrual cycle-syncing as you approach yoga, both on and off the mat. In this workshop, we will explore, through embodiment and discussion, the four seasons of the menstrual cycle and how to reclaim autonomy, agency and empowerment through knowledge of feminine cyclicality. Whether you are experiencing menstrual cycle difficulties or looking to deepen your knowledge of innate womb wisdom, this workshop is open to all women (and men who are interested to learn more about this topic).

Topics explored:
  • The cycle of menstruation
  • Understanding the role of menstrual hormones\
  • The 4 inner seasons of menstruation 
  • Embodiment of the 4 seasons 
  • What is cycle-syncing 
  • Common menstrual challenges
  • How to empower our fertility (of body & mind)
  • Womb Wisdom Yoga
12:30pm - 1:30pm Discussion & Embodiment Exercises
1:30pm - 3pm Womb Wisdom Yoga Practice
3pm - 3:30pm Q&A/Sharing Circle

This class is also suitable for pregnant or postpartum women as modifications can be offered where needed, as well as for any woman with or without a menstrual cycle.

The 5 Chambers of Menopause: A Rite of Passage through the Lens of Yoga

Saturday, April 27, 2024
12:30pm - 3:30pm

Often overlooked in our society, and even in our yoga programs, is the incredible rite of passage that a woman traverses through menopause, into her Wisdom of the Ages. In this workshop, we will take a guided, empowering dive into the topic of menopause to understand the depths of this transformation and how to harness the magic it holds. Specifically, we will explore the 5 Chambers of Menopause through the lens of Yoga and embodiment, as a map for this process.

Open to all women (pre or post-menopausal) and well as to men who might be interested to learn more about this process.

Topics explored:
  • The life stages of a woman
  • Defining pre, peri, post-menopause 
  • The 5 Chambers of Menopause 
  • How the 5 Chambers of Menopause relate to menstruation
  • Empowerment, Wisdom of the Ages & the Super Crone 
  • How Yoga can support the transition through Menopause 
  • A 5 Chambers Yoga Practice 
12:30pm - 1:30pm Discussion & Embodiment Exercises
1:30pm - 3pm Five Chambers Yoga
3pm - 3:30pm Q&A/Sharing Circle

The Way of Wintering: Exploring the Medicine of Rest 

Sunday, April 28, 2024
12:30pm - 3:30pm

“You may think yourself lazy, or flawed, yet your body is made of almost exactly the same elements as the stars. Your base composition matches the coral in the seas and you, my friend, are ruled by the moon and the sun. Whether you like it or not. So no, you are not lazy. Nature is simply pulling you to slow, like the life, floral and fauna around you. It is not your moment to rise. It is winter, you are wintering. And you are right on time.” - Donna Ashworth

In our fast paced lives of quick fixes and fly by moments, the value of rest is often overlooked. Particularly for women, we have opportunities within our menstrual cycles to rest monthly, as a reminder for the importance of this embodied knowledge later in our journey through menopause. In this workshop, we explore the concept of “Wintering”, a reframe surrounding the profoundness of rest and embodiment practices that support this process. Learn methods using sound and breath to guide vagus nerve stimulation, as well as embodiment practices and yoga nidra to soothe the nervous system.

Open to women of all life stages, as well as men who are keen to see rest from the feminine perspective.

Topics explored:

  • The life stages of a woman
  • What is Wintering?
  • The invitation of rest
  • The wonders of the vagus nerve
  • How breath and sound support Wintering
  • The Way of Winter Yoga Practice (embodiment practices & guided yoga nidra)
12:30pm - 1:30pm Discussion & Embodiment Exercises
1:30pm - 3:30pm Wintering, as a Yoga Practice


$125 per session
$100 per session if you sign up for 2 sessions or more. Discount will be automatically applied. 

Cancellation Policy

Please note that this event is non-refundable.


As an Embodiment Facilitator, Amber shares the joy of living through holistic practices of yoga, active meditations, elemental wellness, as well as combines these offerings with her service as a birth doula and holistic guide for pregnancy/postpartum women. With more than 25 years of study and practice in Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation, as well as a PhD in Biomedical Engineering in the field of stem-cell tissue repair, Amber brings a unique perspective on healing and self-discovery through the influence of scientific and ancient wisdoms.

From 2009 to 2018, Amber founded a community in the heart of Singapore known as Satsanga where she offered & organised weekly active meditation, yoga classes and community events. With decades of study under the tutelage of well known teachers, Amber has more than 1200 hours of yoga training and 1400 hours of Ayurvedic training. After enjoying the birth of her daughter in 2015, Amber’s work primarily focuses on empowering women to have a conscious pregnancy, birth experience and preparedness for motherhood. She currently serves as a birth assistant and doula, teaches pre/postpartum yoga, pelvic health yoga & elemental yoga, as well as offers her 90hr YA Embodied Woman Prenatal and Postpartum Yoga Teacher Training biannually. In 2019, Amber founded Embodied Woman Yoga, which is a platform for courses, CEUs, Yoga Teacher Trainings and resources related to women’s health, particularly pregnancy and postpartum. 

Amber relocated from Singapore in 2022 after 16 years on the island and now resides in Mallorca, Spain, continuing to offer her work online and internationally.