Fit Flow with Daniel Rojas, Oct 28

Orchard Central
Sunday, October 28, 2018
1pm - 3pm

Embodied Dance is a unique methodology created by Daniel "Sonic" Rojas from an accumulation of more than 25 years experience as a professional dancer and movement enthusiast, through intense self practice and a deepening journey of experiencing movement in a holistic way. Drawing from personal, channeled dance energy and inspiration from qi gong, martial arts, yoga, calisthenics, breakdance, active meditations and more, this experiential & intuitive art form brings together different forms of movement, musicality and emotions, as a means to inspire greater understanding of the human form through dance, rhythm and body awareness practices. Embodied Dance has many levels and sub styles, contributing to its rich, extensive and profound capacity as a unique movement methodology. Existing within the Embodied Dance curriculum are different substyles including:

  • ED:Fit Flow (mobility, strength, creative calisthenics, animalistic movements)
  • ED:Open (opening the body, preparing for performances, preventing injury)
  • ED:Ground (incorporating floor work into movement)
  • ED:Express (embodiment of emotion through movement)
  • ED:Align (creative and purposeful yoga sequences for dancers/movers)
Fit Flow, a substyle of Embodied Dance, is a specially formulated modality developed by Daniel "Sonic" Rojas from decades of personal practice that takes a holistic approach to creating strength, flexibility, mobility, coordination, balance and alignment in the body. This incredibly dynamic practice uses creative calisthenics, mobility training, animalistic movements and purposeful vinyasa to develop an intelligent form of conditioning for the body and mind.

Working from the inside out, Fit Flow focuses on building awareness of the often neglected muscles in the body that are responsible for keeping us fit, aligned and vital. Fit Flow is a complete physical conditioning training that works with progressive exercises, unique flows, and creative movements in order to move with confidence and totality. This modality will bring your vinyasa practice to an entirely different level!

What to expect:

  • Development of better communication with your own body
  • Coordination between the left and right sides, optimising balance and strength of both body and mind
  • Lengthening and strengthening of the body, like the most flexible and strong bamboo
  • Alignment of the body through internal awareness of symmetrical planes 
  • Understanding of acupressure points, organ energies and meridian balancing through physical exercises
  • Use of movements and exercises with slow rhythm to develop strength, awareness and intensity
  • Building of strength through creative calisthenics 
  • Bringing mobility into the whole skeleton through breath, circulatory movements and releasing stiffness
  • Using strength and mobility to understand and experience different dynamic movements inspired by animals
  • Working with the breath to create better body fluidity and oxygenation to the muscles
  • Inspiring creativity on how to workout without any equipment, using just your body and the environment as a playground
  • Developing an effective, efficient and intelligent way of working out that is fun, challenging, exhilarating and inspiring
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Daniel "Sonic" Rojas, professional dancer, yoga practitioner and movement expert, has been dancing, performing and moving for more than 25 years. He is known around the world for his creativity and individual way of expressing himself by telling stories through dance and intelligent movement. His rich experience includes several World, European and Scandinavian Championships in breakdance, touring for more than 15 years with reputable, contemporary dance companies in Europe, performing in world acclaimed physical theatre productions, dancing for Queens, Kings and Presidents, and inspiring millions to dance through his performances, battles, workshops and life story.

Combining his experiential journey as a professional dancer/performer and dedicated self-practice with movement & awareness, Daniel has created his own style that he calls Embodied Dance, a unique methodology that has been recognised by the University of Science of Sports and Anatomy in Cologne, Germany, as one of the most complete movement art forms offered internationally.

Embodied Dance dissolves the boundaries between different movement cultures with the aim of giving individuals a unique way of expressing themselves, connecting to feeling through movement, developing an intelligent practice and ultimately self healing. Embodied Dance has many levels and sub styles, contributing to its rich, extensive and profound capacity as a unique movement methodology. Contributing to its immense accessibility, Embodied Dance can be offered across multi levels of practitioners from professional dancers to non-dancers, across age groups, movement disciplines, as team building events, for dance academies, yoga centres and festivals. Daniel shares Embodied Dance and its sublevels worldwide, as well as continues to perform, battle and judge international events and to share private sessions and immersions.