Functional Vinyasa Series: Shoulders Special Class with Angie Yeo, Sep 21 & 28

Orchard Central
Saturday, September 21 & 28, 2024
11am - 12.30pm

Part I: Unlock Shoulder Mobility

In this special class, expect to explore targeted mobility and conditioning work aimed at building strength and range in your shoulders to better support you in your daily life. Understand the various movements involving the shoulder joints, and its involvement in various common yoga asanas such as backbends and binds.

Part II: Building Blocks of Shoulder Strength

This 90 minute practice focuses on building blocks of shoulder strength in vinyasa practice and in your journey towards arm balances and inversions. Explore stable shoulder set ups to safely weight bear in your upper limbs, and cultivate a sense of equanimity in strength based poses by efficiently recruiting our muscular trunk to support our practice.


$45 per class
$80 for both

Cancellation Policy

Please note that this event is non-refundable.


Angie's approach to the vinyasa practice emphasises heavily on anatomy and functional alignment. She strongly believes that advanced yoga poses can only be safely achieved through greater mastery of the simplest of poses and the smallest of details that comes with it. Her area of interest lies in anatomy and biomechanics underpinning the yoga practice, heavily influenced by her training with Jason Crandell. She seeks to ground her classes firmly in anatomical understanding, whether it is through her own further studies, or through consultations and ongoing education with physiotherapists, osteopaths, and exercise physiologists. She is also currently spending her time at a physiotherapist clinic to learn more about injuries and rehabilitation in a clinical setting. 

In all her classes and trainings, she strives to teach in a systematic and easily understood manner. Her trainings are crafted with the intention to provide teachers and students with specialised knowledge and instill greater confidence in them to embark on teaching yoga. Through her experience in leading multiple teacher trainings over the years, she believes in the importance of providing students with ongoing support and opportunities to further their growth beyond a standard 200-hr yoga teacher training curriculum, as well as the importance of having basic anatomical awareness underpinning the yoga practice to ensure a sustainable and injury-free practice.