Hom x Heveya®: Restorative Sound Bath Special Class with Meiyan Cheong, Sep 24

River Valley
Sunday, September 24, 2023
1pm - 2.15pm

Treat yourself to a restful yet meditative practice in this special collaboration with Heveya® to rest your body and mind, with the intention of journeying into a deepened state of relaxation and peace.

This session combines both restorative yoga and sound healing–students will enjoy live sound bath and vocal accompaniment throughout. The sound vibrations from the crystal singing bowls and other accompanying instruments seek to induce a deep meditative state to support us in this slow and nourishing practice.

For this unique session, we will replace our standard yoga mats with Heveya®'s Natural Organic Latex Topper, and diffuse the calming scent of Heveya®'s new wellness fragrance. This opulent cushioning and fragrance will enhance your comfort and facilitates an even deeper sense of relaxation during the session.

Restorative yoga is a passive practice with longer holds than a usual Yin practice, and will include props such as blankets, bolsters and blocks. Students will have the option to close practice with a seated meditation.

Attendees will receive a special goodie bag by Heveya®. All Heveya® items will be available at 10% off at our studio on this day.



An active package or membership can be used for this special class. Email to sign up.

Cancellation Policy

Please note that this event is non-refundable.


Since her regular yoga practice began in 2014, yoga has brought Meiyan closer to understanding her true self and learning to honour it. She hopes to guide her students on their own individual paths towards finding balance, love, and light both on and off the mat.

As a swimmer and biathlete in her university days, movement involved a stopwatch, while progress meant measurable results, goals, and a great deal of expectations towards herself. Yoga came into her life at a time when letting go and trusting served her much more than holding on and controlling–a lesson that she is still working on till this day.

Meiyan fell in love with the freedom she experienced from a vinyasa class, and embarked on her 200 hour teacher training in 2016. Within that same year, she left her corporate marketing job and dove head first into teaching yoga full time. She later completed her 300 hour teacher training in 2022 with a specialised focus in yin, vinyasa, philosophy and mindfulness, and passionately incorporates these elements into her own 200 hour teacher training curriculum.

As a practitioner and a teacher, Meiyan gravitates towards various forms of sound healing. She enjoys theming her classes around mantras and sometimes brings an instrument or two to class for her students to enjoy the relaxing and introspective effects of sound. Her lesson on finding balance continues to inspire her teaching as she explores the dualistic energies of Yin & Yang: Grounding & Uplifting, Comfort & Challenge, Striving & Letting go. It comes as no surprise that her favourite styles to teach are Vinyasa and Yin.

Regardless of the style of practice, a mantra she has held close in her teaching and personal practice for many years is the simple reminder “you are enough".

Outside of yoga, Meiyan can be found soaking in the water under the sun, arranging flowers for her loved ones, or enjoying some introvert time with her three cats at home. She co-owns Lighthouse Adventure Co, a Singapore based dive center and travel agency, with a group of good friends.


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