Maria Lourdes Chan

A former Muay Thai practitioner, Maria Lourdes Chan found Bikram yoga when she sustained an injury during a sparring session. After a week of Bikram yoga, she was hooked. Until today, she feels that nothing can take away her peace during her practice. It gives her a sense of tranquility, allowing her mind, body and soul to be one.

In spring 2010, her life began as a Bikram-certified yoga teacher and she has taught across the world, including New York, Hawaii, Las Vegas, France, Italy, Japan, Manila, Thailand and Jarkata. She believes that health is more important than wealth, and that to live is to serve. To uplift people spiritually, mentally and physically is her motto in life. Her magnetic personality and knowledge of alignment have led her to tour and train with some of the most prominent international personalities, including Japanese pop star Ayumi Hamasaki.

If there’s a muscle she sees you not using, she’ll make you work it! She pushes you to your limits, with all the love in the world.