Moon Day Sound Bath: A Meditative Experience with Angeline Chia and Meiyan Cheong, Aug 12 & Sep 25

River Valley & Orchard Central
Friday, August 12 & Sunday, September 25, 2022
8.15pm - 9.15pm & 5pm - 6pm 

Immerse yourself in an evening of sound waves from an ensemble of crystal bowls, steel drums, chimes and vocals. The sound vibrations seek to induce a deep meditative state and clarity of mind, supporting you with your intentions on these moon days. This is a slow and nourishing sound healing journey to guide you home to a place of balance.

Affirm: A Full Moon Candlelight Sound Bath

Orchard Central
Friday, August 12, 2022
8.15pm - 9.15pm

The Full Moon is a time of harvesting and creating, where we may experience restlessness amidst a flourish of thoughts, ideas and experiences. Our intention on this moon day sound bath is to rest, relax, and restore. 

Renewal: A New Moon Sound Bath

River Valley
Sunday, September 25, 2022
5pm - 6pm

The New Moon is a powerful time to set uplifting intentions, as it is when the rooting force is strongest. Our intention on this moon day sound bath is to revitalise, and find clarity and steadiness.


Single session: $40
Both sessions: $75

Cancellation Policy

Please note that this event is non-refundable.


The beginning of Angeline’s relationship with yoga rose out of necessity when she was in search of an avenue to help cope with emotional stress. Since 2012, she has been through periods of regular asana practice, as well as extended periods off her mat. She has learnt to become compassionate with herself over the years, and believes that yoga is here to support you in the way you need it—some days fiery and dynamic, some days quiet and contemplative; the list of the many facets of a yoga practice goes on.

Whatever your reason may be for practice, Angeline invites you to align your intentions with the choices you make on and off your mat—a marriage of your heart and throat chakra that brings to surface your true authentic self. Each practice is an opportunity that invites you to hold space, observe and witness your decisions and the impact it can have on you.

Apart from yoga, Angeline’s life experiences naturally prompted her to extend her learning journey towards other energy modalities such as reiki, sound healing, and channeling higher perspectives through intuition readings. She also expresses herself through emotive illustration art which she shares under the handle @LilTeddyStudio, lovingly named after her son, who has inspired Angeline’s many occasions of courage since his birth.


Meiyan's regular yoga practice started in 2014, when a bout of rare insomnia hit due to stress and no other solutions seemed to work. As a swimmer and aquathlete in her university days, movement meant a stopwatch, clear results, goals, and a great deal of expectations toward herself. 

Enter yoga - which is more about letting go than holding on. She fell in love with the freedom she experienced from a vinyasa class, and embarked on her 200 hour teacher training in 2016. Within that same year, she left her corporate marketing job and dove head first into teaching yoga full time. She is currently in the midst of completing her 300 hour teacher training with a specialised focus in yin, vinyasa, philosophy and mindfulness, and is looking forward to leading her own teacher training someday soon.

As a practitioner and a teacher, Meiyan's two favourite styles are vinyasa and yin - polar opposites. She enjoys sequences woven together like a dance, while still staying true to the breath. She feels yin complements the yang energy that we create, not only in vinyasa classes, but in our hectic daily lives, and deeply enjoys the stillness and discipline required in a yin practice. Regardless of the style of practice, a mantra she holds close in her teaching and personal practice is the simple reminder “you are enough."

Outside of yoga, Meiyan can be found soaking in the water under the sun, or enjoying some introvert time with her cats at home. She co-owns Lighthouse Adventure Co, a Singapore based dive center and travel agency, with a group of good friends.