Sensory Play Yoga Class for Kids (4-6) with Apryl Koh, Dec 15

River Valley
Friday, December 15, 2023
9am - 10.30am

Sensory play yoga is a fun and engaging way to introduce children to the benefits of yoga while also providing them with opportunities to explore different textures, sounds, and smells. This class is designed for children age 4-6 and incorporates a variety of sensory activities into a yoga flow.

Class Outline

The class begins with a warm-up that includes animal poses, such as cat, cow, and dog. Children are encouraged to make animal sounds as they move into each pose. This helps them to connect with their bodies and have fun with movement.

Sensory activities
Children will have the opportunity to touch different textures. They will also have opportunities to create their own textured sensory play activities such as play-doh.

Yoga poses 
Children will pose as different animals, such as trees, birds, and frogs. They will also practice balancing on one leg, walking on tiptoes, and jumping jacks–all designed to help children develop their balance, coordination, and flexibility.

Additional benefits of sensory play yoga for kids:

  • Promotes physical development: Sensory play yoga helps children develop their gross motor skills, such as balance, coordination, and flexibility. It also helps them to develop their fine motor skills, such as hand-eye coordination and dexterity. 
  • Enhances cognitive development: Sensory play yoga helps children learn about different textures, scents, and sounds. It also helps them to develop their problem-solving skills and their creativity. 
  • Supports social-emotional development: Sensory play yoga helps children learn to regulate their emotions and to express themselves in a healthy way. It also helps them to develop social skills, such as sharing and taking turns.
If you are looking for a fun and engaging way to introduce your child to yoga, sensory play yoga is a great option. It is a class they are sure to enjoy that also provides them with a variety of benefits.

Children of all abilities are welcome.



Please remember to pack an extra set of clothes for your child because it will get messy in class!

Cancellation Policy

Please note that this event is non-refundable.


Apryl’s yoga journey started in 2015 when her friends bought her a yoga trial package, and she has never looked back. Yoga has since been an integral part of Apryl’s lifestyle.

Apryl has been working with children ever since she was 17 and cannot remember a time where she hasn’t.

After taking her YTT with Blair in 2017, Apryl came across Divine Light Yoga’s children’s teacher training in 2022 and completed it with an aim to share yoga to as many children as she can.

Apryl believes that yoga has so many benefits that can empower children to feel strong yet calm, and strives to build a community through yoga.

Also a trained classical pianist, you can expect some musical element embedded into Apryl’s yoga classes.