Sweat + Surrender: Breathe, Flow, Heal with Mariel Reyes, Jan 26

Orchard Central
Saturday, January 26, 2019
12pm - 1.30pm

Join NYC-based teacher, Mariel Reyes for 90 mins as she guides you through a truly unique and inspiring experience. Rooted in a fiery vinyasa practice that flows into a healing meditation and relaxation; this transformative, full body experience fuses yoga, music, breath, meditation and energy work.

Set to ethereal beats and moving music, sweat it out and flow through a strong, fluid and accessible vinyasa practice that will uplift and challenge you from the inside out. From this space of energy and intensity, shift inward into a space of softness and surrender. Balance your strength and intention by surrendering to moment through meditation, breath awareness, aromatherapy, and reiki healing.

Tap into your inner fire and strength. Experience your softness and space. Connect to the strength, expansion and freedom within yourself.

This transformative practice will include:
  • guided meditation 
  • a warming vinyasa practice
  • a relaxing restorative practice 
  • aromatherapy
  • individual reiki healing savasana


    Mariel has been teaching yoga for nearly a decade and received her training in Koh Samui, Thailand. She began her yoga career years ago in Hom Yoga's first studio in Boat Quay and is extremely grateful to be returning to the studio for her workshop! She is currently teaching in NYC where she has been based for the past 6 years and has taught in studios all around the city. Mariel is also an actress and reiki practitioner and continues to be inspired by her teachers and students alike. Her classes are challenging yet compassionate, and tailored to each person’s individual needs. Mariel loves that the path of yoga is one of constant learning, exploration, possibility and community.