The Journey Upside-Down: Weekend Immersion into Headstands and Handstands with Iris Tan and Jonathan Ti, Feb 7 & 14

Orchard Central

Sunday, February 7 & 14, 2021
9.30am - 11.30am

Day 1: Headstands
Sunday, February 7, 2021

9.30am - 11.30am

Join Iris as she brings you through the fundamentals of headstands in this 2-hour workshop. Also known as the King of Asana, sirsasana (headstand) when done correctly provides many physical and mental benefits.

Starting with a warm up flow, the workshop takes you through the techniques of getting into a headstand and teaches you the safe and correct way to enter and exit the asana. Practitioners already familiar with headstand practice will be given options to work through transitions into and out of headstands. 

Open to practitioners of all levels. However, this is not advised for those with high blood pressure, neck problems or those recovering from recent eye or other surgeries.

Day 2: Handstands

Sunday, February 14, 2021

9.30am - 11.30am

"A handstand is all about reconnecting with the ground and trusting it in a new way, a white flag of surrender planted in the soil, hands first."

In the second part of the Journey Upside-down, we will explore the connection between our hands and the ground. Join Iris as she co-leads an introduction to handstands with Jonathan Ti - her partner on and off the mat.

The workshop will start with a flow sequence designed to prepare our bodies to get into handstand preparatory poses. We will explore handstands in theory and practice, including proper hand and wrist preparation, shoulder strength and mobility, and achieving and maintaining balance.

If you can do a few push ups, have a healthy wrist and a fearless heart - we want you to join us!


Single workshop: $90 
Full weekend immersion: $170



Iris is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance. Previously a cheerleader and a dancer, she finds it a challenge to stay still, and is constantly on the lookout for new challenges, as she enjoys the adrenaline rush that comes with being out of the comfort zone.

Iris started her journey with hot yoga in 2010, which helped to rehabilitate her body as well as provide her with a greater sense of peace and purpose. In 2014, she took her 200 hours Teacher Training in Sydney with Briohny and Dice (affectionately known as Bryce) and in 2015, after a falling out within the family business, she decided to combine her love for yoga and the passion of sharing, officially starting her journey as a yoga teacher.

Iris believes that yoga is about the union between the physical practice and the breath, and that the breath is our best teacher — it tells us when to go deeper and when to rest. Her classes are fun and mostly light hearted. She believes in establishing strong foundations through proper breathing techniques and asanas. When she is not on the mat, Iris works in the facilities management sector, and she also enjoys putting together flowers as a hobby.



When Jonathan went to his first yoga class in 2015, he could not touch his toes, much less imagine a time where he would be doing a free-standing handstand.

Jonathan believes that a consistent practice of yoga and hand balance has given him so much more off the mat - lessons on focus, perseverence, and the pursuit of balance through life. It also led him to finding his love and life partner, Iris.

Working as a medical doctor, he has seen firsthand the importance of physical and mental wellbeing, and firmly believes that yoga can help to sustain a healthy and happy life (and a happy wife!).