The Stable Self: Strengthening your Inner World through Kundalini Yoga with Surinder Arora, Nov 21

Raffles Place
Sunday, November 21, 2021
11am - 12.15pm

Life as we know it is changing and let’s face it, change can be very uncomfortable. With so much going on, it can be challenging to stay in our centre. The secret to navigating the current climate is strengthening the connection to our inner world.

Kundalini Yoga is the ‘Yoga of Awareness’, a technology that specifically works on the energy systems of the body. It's a scientific technology specifically designed to create transformation.

In this workshop we will be using breathing techniques (pranayama), body posture (asana) and sound vibration (mantra) to bring balance and stability to the body, mind and spirit. You will learn how to develop a strong sense of self which will help you to ride those every day waves of change.

This is a mask on practice. All are welcome.



Cancellation Policy

Please note that this event is non-refundable.


Surinder is a qualified Kundalini yoga teacher, health coach, reiki master and has a Master’s degree in Public Health and Mental Health. She is passionate about supporting individuals and groups to build a strong inner landscape. She is the founder of "SoulSmile Awaken", where she shares on awakening the Inner Self, vibing high and feeling good through a range of treatment and healing modalities.