Hungry to go deeper into my understanding rather than wanting to teach, I decided to go for the Vinyasa flow 200hr teacher training and I haven’t look back since. My questions were answered. I began to understand my deeper relationship and with yoga beyond the superficial aspects of the asana. My eyes were open to so much more, spiritually, physically, mentally. I began to understand that yoga is not confined to the mat but rather it’s a way of life - an intimate relationship of trust, commitment, compassion, discipline and most importantly an acceptance of myself. Like a union in marriage. And very often it is these tough times that remind us to let go of the mind chatter and negativity that doesn’t serve us, that pull us away from the present. 

- Amber Yong, Singapore

The course is thoughtfully structured providing the students with all of the basics in philosophy, asanas, anatomy and subtle anatomy. Being thrown in to teaching each other from the second day meant that I lost my nerves and started to find my voice early on so that I was able to practice throughout the course to be really confident by the end.

- Vivien Fung, Sydney

Malvina and all the Hom teachers were always so accessible, supportive and willing to share their experiences with us. The asana practice was just the tip of the iceberg! They opened our minds up to so much more–yoga is holistic and can be applied to all aspects of life on and off the mat! We learned all about philosophy, subtle anatomy as well as anatomy which helped to give us a deeper understanding and improve our asana practice.

- Lizzie Louie, Sydney

I traveled from London to Singapore to undertake my Teacher Training with Hom Yoga and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Not only was it amazing to spend three weeks improving my personal practice under the guidance of inspiring teachers, I also gained confidence as a teacher and had the opportunity to deepen my understanding of subtle anatomy.

Everything was meticulously planned to provide us with all the information we needed while encouraging us to begin to explore yoga for ourselves. Rather than being a crash course, the training instilled me with the knowledge, enthusiasm and motivation to continue my life long Yoga journey.

- Julia Fernandez, London

The TT curriculum was thoughtfully prepared and delivered in a very considerate and approachable manner. The TT lecturers were so patient with any questions we had, I didn't think I could learn so much in such a short amount of time. We learned the fundamentals of asanas, teaching techniques, the subtle practices and anatomy.

- Ann Lee, Sydney

A very professional, interesting and empowering program.

- Galia Cornish, Sydney

I applied for this course without thinking too much, purely out of my curiosity for yoga and to deepen my knowledge and experience. However at the end of the day, I learnt lots more than I expected. Not just practical knowledge on how to teach but also yoga as a life philosophy.

- Miki Hyogo, Japan

All mentors and lead teachers at Hom Yoga have made my teacher training an enriching one. They have definitely inspired me deeply and made me learn that yoga is not just about the bendy poses but a long journey that awaits me to unveil.

- Shu Ting Chen, Singapore

Upon completion of the training, I was confident and ready to teach. The training program gave me everything I needed to start teaching.

- Yuri Forth, Singapore