Online Studio

30-min Gentle Backbend Flow with Merdin Yeoh

45-min Side Body Flow with Edmund Ang

45-min Vitality Flow with Leigh Khoo

45-min Flow with Pranayama and Silent Sitting with Shena Na

50-min Vinyasa Krama with John Tattva

35-min Hip Opening Hatha Vinyasa with Sita Chia

15-min Meditation with Blair Hughes

45-min Full Body Vinyasa Yoga with Blair Hughes

10-min Pregnancy Meditation with Amber Sawyer

30-min Prenatal Yoga with Amber Sawyer

30-min Postpartum Yoga with Amber Sawyer

60-min Anusara Yoga with Bo and Shirley Srey

50-min Core Flow with Merdin Yeoh

40-min Yin Yang with Shena Na

30-min Gentle Heart Opening Flow with Diana Lim

30-min Gentle Grounding Flow with Diana Lim

30-min Power Vinyasa with Blair Hughes

40-min Ladder Flow with Blair Hughes

45-min Energising Flow with Jamie Phua and Angelia King

30-min Rise and Shine with Blair Hughes

10-min Core Stability with Blair Hughes

40-min Spring Kids Yoga (4-8yo) with Yoke Wen Lee