Yoga Journey: Grounding Hatha with Mantra Music Special Class with Frankie Wong, Jun 17

Orchard Central
Monday, June 17, 2024
9.30am - 11am

'Man' means mind, coming from the root word, manas. And the suffix ‘tra’, means instrument, or to protect. When we put these two words together, it means an instrument for the mind, or that which protects the mind.

This special class will start with mantra recitation, setting the intention and focus for your practice, followed by a 60 minute Hatha asana and pranayama session designed to balance strength and flexibility while cultivating awareness. Dive deeper into the techniques and intentions behind bandhas (energy locks) and mudras (hand gestures). We conclude the practice with meditation. 

In our accompanying dharma sharing, we will discuss mantra and finish with mantra music/kirtan. 



Free for Yoga Journeyers. Email to sign up.


Frankie is an e-RYT500 certified Yoga Teacher and a Yoga Alliance continuing education provider. With a background in studying and practising traditional yoga in Indian ashrams with masters in Rishikesh, Dharamshala, Bangalore, Delhi and Australia, she shares unique philosophies and insights in her classes. Her teaching ranges from Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Meditation, Singing Bowls and Mantra. She spent over a year living in India and is also very fortunate to learn Reiki and Meditation from Varanasi and Himalayan Yoga Masters.

Frankie’s journey into yoga started in 2012, buried by the sudden loss of her loved ones and corporate stress. She found solace and self-renewal through yoga. Frankie focuses on the inner pilgrimage of the self, the mindfulness of physical, mental and emotional limitations and stressors, the depth of breath, the calmness and steadiness of mind, and the qualities and integrity of asanas. Her classes are known to bring awareness and intellectual contemplation.

Her mission is to share inner light, equanimity and joy. May we see the light in one another, and honour each other as we are.