Rey Fernandez

Rey’s yoga practice has spanned over the course of several years but she believes her journey only truly began upon meeting her teacher and guide, Sita Chia, in 2020. Through the practice and studies with her teacher, she understands yoga as an exploration of one's own alignment. Alignment, being different from one person to the next depending on an individual's physical structure, is the point where flexibility meets strength. It is an exploration both of the vastness and variety of the human state, and also the sameness of the essential core of our beings.

In Rey’s classes, she believes in providing a space for practitioners to shift away from the confines of dogma and explore their individuality, whilst emphasising the uniting factor in all of her classes, the breath. Breath is ever-present no matter the shape or form. If, therefore, bodies are never the same from one person to the next, then Rey believes in placing prominence on how to use breath intentionally as we move in whatever state we are in, physically or mentally.

Rey loves a dynamic practice where there is no time for judgment and doubt but only enough space to move based on perfect trust in one's own intuitive sense.