Sustainability at Hom

As we deepen our yoga practice, we become more aware of ourselves, and as a result, our environment and what we can do to further contribute to the world around us. We learn to cultivate deep respect and reverence for the give and take that is inherent to our existence. 

At Hom Yoga, we are committed to engaging in sustainable practices which minimises our impact on the environment and our local communities. We are constantly evolving our sustainability practices to achieve the most conscious and peaceful environmental stewardship of our planet.

These long term goals are important for us to create a conscious community, committed to generating new habits of thinking which not only changes us as individuals, but also impacts the wider world we live in.

Reduce Consumption

We are committed to reducing our use of natural resources and minimising the impact on the environment. We manage our plastic usage by completely eliminating plastic bag consumption at the studios. We encourage everyone to bring their own reusable bags, and only provide biodegradable bags at 20 cents per piece upon request.

We ensure electrical and lighting usage is used efficiently. We encourage our employees to take part in these initiatives, and we welcome all of our students to participate in this collective consciousness.

We offer two fresh, white cotton towels per student per class, and encourage our community to limit the usage to this. For any extra towel requests, we charge a $2 fee.

These small initiatives all help toward the conservation of energy, and supports the forward progression towards the creation of a mindful and conscious community.


We are passionate about offering you a full experience of vitality and wellness in our studios.

Our water filtration system, which is hand made in Sydney from British and American components, removes:
  • 99.99% of fluoride
  • Sediments, rusts, parasites & cysts
  • Heavy metals such as lead and mercury
  • Chlorine

Studies have found that fluoride is a neurotoxin and an endocrine disruptor. Excessive exposure to fluoride has been linked to a number of health issues, such as thyroid dysfunction, neurological problems, cardiovascular problems and conditions affecting the joints and bones.

By removing fluoride from the water, we provide you with clean and pure drinking water which nourishes the body and the mind.

We encourage you to bring your own bottles to fill up with fresh, filtered water before practice.

Sustainable Partners

Hom Yoga works with entrepreneurs, social enterprises and non-profit organisations who have a similar vision and ethos in their approach. We choose to work with these people, not only because they have the best products or services, but also because they are leading the way forward in efforts of sustainability, and eco-consciousness.

Our yoga mats are made in Germany, and certified with the globally recognised eco-friendly Oeko-Tex standard. They are made from non-toxic PVC, and are free from latex, phthalates, heavy metals and harmful substances. 

All our products curated at Hom Yoga retail shop are sustainable, non-toxic, and eco-friendly.

We use an all natural, organic cleaning product to launder the towels and clean the studio. This product is certified organic, and does not contain any harsh chemicals, parabens or petrochemical ingredients. We use 100% pure eucalyptus and tea tree oils, which have natural anti-bacterial properties, to clean our yoga mats.

All our soaps and shampoo offered in the showers uses a botanical base formula with natural oils, free from all sulphates, parabens, mineral oils and synthetic fragrances.

The paper we use in our bathrooms is made from 100% unbleached bamboo pulp, which is renewable and fast-growing. It contains no harsh chemicals, and is chlorine and BPA free.