Embodied Woman: Prenatal & Postpartum Yoga Teacher Training with Amber Sawyer, PhD, Nov 17 - 29

River Valley
90-hour Yoga Alliance Recognised Course
Embodied Woman: Prenatal and Postpartum Yoga Teacher Training with Amber Sawyer, PhD
November 17 - 29, 2024

This unique prenatal and postpartum yoga teacher training, recognised by Yoga Alliance, provides a holistic and evidence-based perspective on the natural cycles of a woman’s life from preconception to pre and postpartum, grounded in awareness and embodiment. Leaning on the principles of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, we will explore how the Elements function during these cycles, as well as deepen this understanding with a rigorous review of evidence-based research relevant to pregnancy and postpartum.  Specifically, this training presents an in-depth exploration of empowerment, embodiment, informed consent, the medical model of birth, trauma-aware principles, pelvic health optimisation and physiologically supported modifications for asanas and pranayama specific to these life stages.

Following this training, you will be equipped with the skills and confidence to safely teach pre/postpartum yoga, to inspire and prepare women for an empowered birth experience, to support her entrance into matrescence and the postpartum journey, and to honor these sacred life passages with sensitivity, wisdom and connection.

"Yoga and meditation are the strongest offering that we can give to a pregnant woman. Through conscious pregnancy, birth and early parenting, we set the foundation for life-long health and happiness in a child.”
— Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa


This training is divided into three modules over an 11 day period. Completion of all modules is required for a Certificate of Participation. Following the training, students will have 1-year to finish a post-training assignment (class observations and class planning) to receive a Certificate of Completion.

Module 1: Nourishing the Embodied Woman

  • Understanding women’s physiology, hormonal cycles and health
  • Exploration of menstrual cyclical wisdom
  • Holistic view of fertility, womb care and female pelvic anatomy
  • Essential foundations of pelvic health & the core four
  • TCM/Ayurveda/5-Element Theory for preconception, pregnancy and postpartum

Module 2: Ripening in Pregnancy

  • Anatomy and physiology of pregnancy
  • Trimester specific asana, pranayama and meditation during pregnancy
  • Guidelines and contraindications for teaching prenatal yoga
  • Preparing & practicum of sequences for prenatal classes, prenatal modifications, or pregnancy-related complications
  • Safe abdominal toning and core work during pregnancy
  • Understanding the role of the pelvic floor before, during and after pregnancy
  • Stages of birth and labor anatomy
  • An overview of the medical model of birth and alternatives with active birthing
  • Optimal fetal/maternal positioning
  • Cultivating intuition and empowerment through embodiment practices

Module 3: Blossoming in Postpartum

  • Understanding the emotional terrain of the expectant Mother, the birth of the Mother and Matrescence
  • The importance of postpartum healing and support through a yoga practice
  • Guidelines and contraindications for postpartum yoga
  • Sequencing & practicum teaching for postpartum yoga
  • Reconnecting to the breath, pelvic floor balancing, core re-stabilisation
  • Diastasis recti and other postpartum complications
  • Breath awareness during preconception, pregnancy, labor & birth, and postpartum
  • Yoga practices to support through miscarriage, birth trauma and postpartum complications
  • Application of these principles into daily activities or other styles of asana classes


There are many incredible prenatal/postnatal yoga trainings offered internationally with exceptional teachers. This particular training is unique in that it is a perfect blend between Eastern (esoteric and traditional) and Western (evidence based) perspectives on pregnancy, birth and postpartum. While we spend time looking at the cyclical and elemental nature of a woman during these life events and phases, we also spend equal time exploring the scientific literature relevant to anatomical and physiological changes during these phases. We will have special guest lectures by a women’s health physiotherapist and birth workers to enrich our learnings and discussion. The contents of this course have also been reviewed by Women’s Health Physiotherapists and are up to date with the most recent perspectives on maternal health. Additionally, Amber has a passion for pelvic floor health and how this relates to women’s health through all life stages and weaves this fascinating and incredibly relevant and profound knowledge throughout the training.


We are happy to accept yoga practitioners and yoga teachers on this training. You do not have to be yoga alliance certified or teaching yoga, however we recommend you have at least 3 years of yoga practice. The YTT will build upon an assumed knowledge base of yoga asanas.


Sunday, November 17
12:30pm - 3:30pm (Opening Circle)

Monday - Friday, November 18 - 22
7:45am - 6:15pm

Saturday & Sunday, November 23 & 24
Rest days

Monday - Friday, November 25 - 29
7:45am - 6:15pm

Sample schedule
7.45am - 9:15am Yoga Practice
9:35am - 11:45am Theory/Practicum
11:45am - 1:15pm Lunch
1:15pm - 3pm Teaching Methodology/Practicum
3:15pm - 5pm Theory/Practicum
5:15pm - 6:15pm Yoga Practice


Early bird (by October 20): $2,499
Regular: $2,699


Cancellations received 30 days before the start of the course incurs a fee of $250.
Cancellations received less than 30 days before the start of the course results in full forfeit of the tuition fee.


A life journey of more than 25 years of study, practice and teaching in Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation, as well as a PhD in the Biomedical Sciences and a deeply seeded dharma of birth-work and pelvic health medicine have brought Amber into a unique path where scientific, ancient and sacred feminine wisdoms merge together into a holistic journey of exploration. The foundation of Amber’s yoga practice is Elemental Yoga, where she explores the relationship between asana, meridian channels and elemental organ energies as an intentional blend of yin/yang expressions. The 90hr Embodied Woman Pre/Postpartum Yoga Teacher Training offers an incredible amalgam of Amber’s experience in evidence-based research, yoga thru the lens of the elements, her role as a midwife birth assistant and doula, and pelvic health physiology. Amber started teaching at HOM Yoga Singapore in 2011, relocated after 16 years in Singapore to Mallorca in 2022, and continues to travel and share internationally.