Jasmine Tay

Yoga has guided Jasmine through her ups and downs since her early 20s. From hustling as an advertising designer, parents’ divorce, loss of loved ones, marriage to motherhood — it still has something to offer through every stage of her life. Her practice of self exploration and empowerment has provided her with beneficial tools to face the lessons in life and new enthusiasm to explore the unknown.

After completing her 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2014, Jasmine also trained and specialises in Navakarana Vinyasa. As a firm believer of lifelong learning, she has also completed trainings in hot yoga, pre/post-natal yoga, anatomy and yin.

She appreciates teaching all styles of yoga from a hot dynamic flow class, an alignment-focused hatha class to a mellow juicy yin class because each has its own value and unique benefits for one’s mind and body.

Jasmine places an emphasis on knowing and honouring one's own limitations, while at the same time nurturing growth through mindfulness and balanced effort. Through her offerings, she continues to hold space for others and this place of service is where she feels most grounded.

"Honor every moment, cultivate gratitude for all, practice for now."