JY Ooi

JY started practising yoga in 2014 and teaching yoga in 2017. He believes that a yoga practice can be the basis for self-actualisation and personal development, and that it should ideally be less performative and more internal.

Trained and certified in a variety of yoga styles, JY has found that the practices of yin yoga and meditation have most informed his personal practice and outlook on teaching. He has in recent years delved into associated domains such as mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), Vipassana meditation and trauma-informed yoga. He is transitioning to teaching with a greater emphasis on healing, therapeutic and meditative elements.

JY encourages practitioners to observe sensations, thoughts and their breath with a view to realising the impermanence thereof. The equanimity and insight that comes from realising no situation lasts forever is a window to deeper self-awareness and connection. He consciously aims to teach from a grounded space, offering supportive and encouraging classes that facilitate the connection of body and mind through the breath.